Disclosure: The Pyramids

It has long been known that the pyramids of Giza have ET origins, however it has not been officially recognized by the status quo establishment until now…

Egyptian archaeologist admits pyramids contain UFO technology – 28 November 2010 by Michael Cohen

In a shock statement, head of the Cairo University Archeology Department, Dr. Ala Shaheen has told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza.

On being further questioned by Mr. Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even a UFO with its structure, Dr. Shaheen, was vague and replied “I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world”.

Delegates to the conference on ancient Egyptian architecture were left shocked, however Dr. Shaheen has refused to comment further or elaborate on his UFO and alien related statements.

What Are the True Origins and Purpose of the Pyramids?

To shed light on this story I have compiled the following channelings from the Everlasting Gospel and related material (in order of publication) on the Galactic origins and incredible healing function of the Pyramids at Giza. In joy!

To the Youth of the World

by Allen Michael

It was about a million years ago, after the GC Beings had readied this planet for this dispensation, that they moved in here in great numbers and with the equipment necessary to build the Pyramid Temple Cities – the remains of which are still in existence in Egypt, Peru and Mexico. These were their first projects, and later on they built more facilities as the time came for advanced projects with the colonies they had established here. p. 65

The vain world thinks that the pyramids built in Egypt and other places were built as monuments for dictator Pharoahs, to be memorials in which they were buried. But the Masons and the Rosicrucians know better and continue to carry on the great teachings, though much of it is lost to memory thru antiquity. However, as the UFO’s manifest their purpose in this great unfolding drama, those earth people who still carry on in their study and teaching of the esoteric mysteries are beginning to have flashes of the wonderful communal cities that flourished for 200 thousand years for transient beings on this planet before the earth people even had self-consciousness. p.179

…the Great Egyptian (Hermes Trismegistus) founded the Pyramid Temple Cities – the remains of which still stand in Egypt, Mexico, Peru, etc. p.225

The advanced yoga masters have long ago come into the world from the Pyramid Temple Cities of the ancient school of space beings, and are now leading the sciences, technology, philosophies, music, art, drama, education, etc. We get our exercise moving about, and we meditate while we work; and when we use nature’s potions we are called into a conference to be with our etheric guides coming down from the GCSC. p. 234

ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings

by Allen Michael

The Eternal Scriptures reveal another force that follows the intuition of the Universal Mind, rather than religious thought. Those of the established churches only follow a religion. But the high people of the Adamen follow psychic intuition. They are those incarnating down from the ancient times of the Pyramid Temple Cities, revealed in Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods” as part of the uncovering of the far past. These truths are brought forth now, so that the omnipresence of the Uni-Godhead and Its high space beings, called Angels, can be brought forward to explain the present and shape the future of our people and this planet. p.8

The Everlasting Gospel Vol.1

by Allen Michael

Book 1
It is Galactica that, long ago, created the outside of the earth to support life and colonized human bodies here in pyramid temple communities. They were built around the tropical zone in the warm climate, so souls could be spiritually processed of their karma while in bodies, and their soul chakras could be realigned so they could be restored to normal Universe. p.25

Because this solar system fell from Creation’s ways and was ruined, the Galactic Elohim developed the outside of this planet to support life, so human bodies could be colonized here in Pyramid Temple Communities which Galactica built. The stone in the pyramids was charged with gamma laser energies of Creation’s true spirit and radiated an umbrella of life force out over the community. Human bodies were colonized in the Pyramid Temple Communities by Galactica so that souls could realign their chakras while they were being dianetically processed, realigning their soul force and body chakras so satanic power couldn’t cause shortcircuits in the chakras and overcome one’s spiritual and true desires to do all things like the Creation does, in sharing ways. p.27

Book 2
President Roosevelt and his aide, Harry Hopkins, had the Masonic symbol of the pyramid printed on the back of the one dollar bill for this time when the great transformation is taking place. The pyramid seal is symbolic of the one in Giza, Egypt, the building of which Hermes supervised 420 thousand years ago, and now the Galactic fulfillment thereof is coming all over the world. p.10

Galactica is using this planet as a base to redeem the 8 billion souls who remain here. 16 billion souls were redeemed during the 400,000 year Galactic period, cleared of their karma by living in the Pyramid Temple Communities. p.13

It was the Elohim of the ETI Galactic Command Space Complex who set up this earth project. Using our mind-over-matter technology we prepared the outside of this planet so life could exist here and physical bodies could be colonized in the Pyramid Temple Communities we built. This took place over several million years, with the Pyramid Temple Communities beginning 420,000 years ago. These projects were all communal in nature, where no money was used. Everyone’s needs were met, and there was no stress or struggle for survival.

Spaced-out entities incarnated into those bodies to be processed, where they worked the dross out of their etheric body. This happened principally through doing karma yoga love services in communal social facets, like growing and serving food. Finally, the soul was able to be brought back into normal Universe outside this solar system, and restored to an eternal body. After the Galactic Period, the remaining 8 billion souls were left to reincarnate down through the 20 thousand year Deluvian Period to where we are now – ready for the delivery. Now over 6 billion are here in bodies, with a billion in the astral realm and the other billion up in the Heavenly Abode awaiting incarnation. p. 14

In the prophet John’s time, they all thought the stars were lights in the sky and that earth was God’s only creation. Formerly, the entities in the 12 pyramid temple communities, situated around the planet in the warm climates, knew all about what had happened to them and their destroyed solar system. After 400 thousand years, Galactica closed down the Galactic project because many souls still to be processed had roamed out into nature, and their bodies began to devolve over time from their struggles with harsh living conditions. p. 16

Book 3
This planet was made ready by the Galactic Elohim in order to colonize bodies in the Pyramid Temple Communities 420 thousand years ago. It took Galactica five and a half million years to make the planet green and ready to support life in physical bodies. The dinosaurs, soil, and vegetation all had to be cloned into manifestation out of the God Mind’s Imagination by Galactic cosmic adepts, creating directly through the spoken word, which is the way God and Its people create. p.2

Book 4
The Secret World Government keeps all these things secret from the people because they think they can handle all the problems and lead the people into their false New World Order. The real New Order for the Ages is on the Hermes Masonic Pyramid Seal. This is the pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Creation Spirit over it, printed on the back of the one dollar bill to remind the people that they still have to lay the cornerstone before they can have any real peace and true progress. The cornerstone is establishing the right use of money simply as a medium of exchange, which the U.S. Constitution proclaims. p.4

The Masons are entities reincarnating down from Hermes’ ancient Pyramid community in Egypt, which was built and controlled by Galactica with super space technology. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and others of the Founding Fathers were all Masons. p.19

During the Galactic period, following the Solar Catastrophe, Galactica made the outside of the planet green, bringing it to life over a period of several million years, and they built 12 Pyramid Temple Communities spaced around the planet, charging the pyramids with the Godmind’s gamma energy. The Giza Pyramid of Egypt is the remains of one of the Pyramid Temple Communities, with Hermes the overall supervisor of the world project. This was all done simply to redeem the souls who had disobeyed the Godmind and had caused the Solar Catastrophe. These projects were all self contained, even to the space bubble of energies they existed in, which radiated out from the pyramids. Spaceships came and went that were of the eternal Universe.

The Galactic period had been going on for about 400,000 years when, 20,000 years ago, after having redeemed sixteen billion entities, Galactica left their project and took all their space equipment with them. When the Galactic Elohim left, about eight billion souls still remained to be redeemed. These were souls who had strayed from the Pyramid Temple Communities of high gamma energies and had fallen into survival consciousness from their struggle with nature, finally reaching the point where they mated with animals. This caused a devolution mutation in the body strains, making it necessary for them to evolve back in consciousness over the long period of time up to now. p.24

Book 6
Three sixes in a row is the Masonic number of the Master Builder, Hermes Trismegistus, the “thrice wise one” who founded Masonry long ago in the building of the Giza Pyramids with Galactic Spaceships. p.7

Book 7
During the 400,000 year Galactic period, the twelve Pyramid Temple Communities were spaced around the planet in the warm balmy climates, each initially colonized with about a hundred thousand male and female bodies. The bodies were cloned by the Galactic Elohim in body-growing novas on board their great mind-over matter causation spaceships. This was done so the souls here could be processed and their soul computer bodies audited and cleared of all dross in their thought cognition switches, which they took on before the Solar Catastrophe. This dross has warped people’s auras, and is a result of past conditioning that automatically recalls “thinking” from the planet’s aura. p.1

The Egyptian Pyramid Temple Communities were the main project of Hermes. The three large pyramids there are aligned with the planet’s energy grid, so that the Universal Christ energies and consciousness of the Universal Mind in these cities would begin to flow out around the belt of the planet through its etheric energy grid (known as ley lines), infusing the eleven other communities with life force. The Pyramid Temple Communities were all built of stone that could be charged with gamma laser force. This was done so there would be an intelligent life force and aura surrounding the project, and so the souls in bodies could record their works in the collective consciousness. This great network of God’s spirit around the planet was all coming in through streams of energies emanating from neighboring solar systems, which can be seen as the aurora borealis and aurora australis, also called the Northern Lights and Southern Lights. During the Galactic period, some sixteen billion souls were redeemed. This left about 8 billion souls on the planet and in its Heavenly Abode, still to be redeemed. p.2

All the knights in shining armor coming forth now are reincarnating down from the time of Hermes’ Egypt project. The Pyramid Temple City at Giza was the headquarters of the Elohim, the supervisors of the twelve Pyramid Temple Communities built around the planet in the warm climates. p.9

Book 9
Galactica created the Giza pyramids for the purpose of bringing God consciousness back into the planet’s aura. The Galactic Elohim built three large pyramids at Giza, and oriented them with the circulating energies which come into planets, circulated by the sun. They are reciprocating energies and are not used up to run a solar system. In all, twelve Pyramid Temple Communities were built around the planet’s equatorial zone to enable the entities being healed here to live in bodies within a perfect communal environment while they processed the karma they took on in the Solar Catastrophe. This went on for about 400 thousand years. Sixteen billion entities were redeemed back into eternity during this period. However, many souls in bodies began to stray away from the Pyramid Temple Communities out into the world of animals and nature, where there was no humanizing God consciousness in the space territory, because the God consciousness, which souls in bodies need, had been baked out of the solar aura from the cherry red atomic heat that affected all the planets and moons. The Pyramid Temple Communities of the Galactic project had a special aura surrounding them, which sustained all souls in bodies in higher consciousness, from whence their healing came. p.2

Spaceships were used opposite both poles of this planet to tap into the energy of neighboring solar systems in order to draw in God’s alpha/beta/gamma energies, and charge the three pyramids at Giza with it so the God energies would radiate out over the community of bodies which Galactica colonized here. p.3

Book 10
…Galactica colonized the human bodies here in the pyramid communities, because there was no other way to heal the microcosms, so their soul chakras could be realigned to operate in unison with the natural law, except to incarnate them into human bodies. This was the Hermes Galactic project, which went on for four hundred thousand years and redeemed some 16 billion souls out of the about 24 billion souls that were spaced out in the Solar Catastrophe. Twenty thousand years ago the Galactic Elohim closed down their project and took all their equipment and space ships back to Altamira and Altamedia. The remaining souls had strayed away from the Pyramid Temple Communities in bodies that couldn’t live out in nature unless they had clothes and shelter to live in, along with fire and water. So, the struggle for survival was severe, and the suffering was great. Over thousands of years many souls devolved out of a pure communal environment into tribal life, with all its struggles, superstitions and taboos. p.17

Book 12
Now you can know that real Spirit God has sponsored this long Deluvian period ever since I, as Hermes, was previously incarnated on this Carlanon planetary project. Until the time of Hermes, because of the Solar Catastrophe, there were no positive thought statements recorded in the overall morphogenetic field of the planet. In fact, the consciousness was burned out of the aura altogether. During the time of the Pyramid Temple Communities, the energy and consciousness was all focused in an auric bubble around them. The pyramids were made of stone and charged with star energies, which radiated out for a few miles. Also, long ago, I (the entity in the body) was Ramses I, and then Ramses II, who would father Moses and bring the Israelites forth. This would start the collective consciousness to grow to the point where it can now animate the souls in bodies to establish a new world of high moral standards and a high vision, which includes real romance, beauty, freedom, equality, security and abundance for everyone. p.7

Galactica, Our Eternal Civilization – Placentia, Planet of Plenty and Rebirth

A Galactic History of this World  by  Joseph Antaree
The following communication is dedicated to Allen Michael, who brought this all back to our remembrance thru the channelings of the Everlasting Gospel…

The Pyramid Temple Cities – Chp. 5 (P. 20-26)

Once the planet was ready to support life in bodies, souls reincarnating thru them, the Pyramid Temple Cities were created and developed. 12 in all, 5 were created first in a great network located in Egypt, stretching from Alexandria to Thebes, with the center being at the Giza pyramids. 7 others were located about the planet soon after, all in the equatorial belt. The Pyramids at Giza were all built with our space technology, not by
millions of slaves working hundreds of years. The main pyramid was built in about a week, using space ships and laser beams to cut and levitate the stones into place, exactly according to the master plan blueprint in our computer system, which is operated by the Universal Mind, whose living Intelligence is the content. Sound waves softened all the stones so they would fit together exactly. The sides were covered with white rock, and a bronze capstone placed on top.

Inside the capstone of each pyramid was a Dynadran energy unit, the same as drives our spaceships (except the Mothership, run by the supernova at its center). The Dynadran draws energy directly out of the electromagnetic field to power 2 counter rotating discs with magnets in their rims that alternately push and pull, setting up an energy field. They orbit at hypersonic speeds around a central shaft, free of any friction, and broadcast high energy that can be used to power anything and everything. The PSI energy regulator that drives the firing sequences of the Dynadran magnets to alternately push and pull is a small atomic system that uses pure energy drawn from the electromagnetic field as an endless supply of fuel, and has no negative radiation, because it’s all balanced in the synthesis energy; that is, our and the UM’s omnipresent 3-in-one consciousness.

Creation’s quantum electricity Mind of alpha, beta and gamma energies operate the Dynadran under the same principle as whole galaxies and solar systems. The Great Central Sun of the galaxy is a massive energy logos that broadcasts and recycles the 3-in-one PSI Trinity energies. Alpha and beta energies reach out and energize every sun in the galaxy, and solar systems have gamma energy as their essence; similarly, solar suns broadcast these energies to their planets, alpha energies that come in at the north pole, beta from the south pole, resonating with the gamma synthesis that is purely omnipresent in the centers of the atoms in all space. As energies and matter are ‘used’, they are automatically recycled back to the sun for rebalancing. This is the energy system of the Universal Mind that operates the whole of Creation.

The force field from the 3 coordinated pyramid systems drew energy from the stars, broadcasting PSI energy thru the planet’s energy grid; and the pyramids themselves were charged by the Dynadrans to amplify and radiate life force; together this generated a huge bubble of life force that encompassed all the cities in the central community, stretching for many miles up and down the Nile valley. Dynadran energy supplied all electrical needs for lighting, transportation, industry, home life, everything. Each of the other 7 individual cities in what today are Iraq, India, China, Peru, Mexico, plus what was Atlantis and Lemuria, were similarly set up. Space ships provided all major transportation. Each project, especially the main one in Egypt, had a large agriculture industry; not just to feed a few million people; but also to be the main location for planting seeds and nurturing the growth of the incredible variety of plant and tree species that would be planted and propagated all over the globe over a few hundred thousand years. More refined wildlife, birds, and insects were introduced as conditions allowed.

The world had to be set up to sustain later life from sea to shining sea, when the global society would emerge with its attendent struggles. Under the guidance of the UM and with the Galactic Elohim, this was the principal ongoing daily love service for the entities incarnating into bodies, which went on for nearly 500,000 years. The physical karma yoga enabled them to center and ground themselves in a body, while healing their soul’s infirmaties in the various ways available. 16 billion of the 24 billion lost souls were redeemed back into eternity during this period, usually in one incarnation. The remaining beings were the ones who had taken on so much heavy karma before the solar catastrophe that they would incarnate into a body but couldn’t stay in the high energies of the pyramid communities. These beings, as we knew they would, would wander away and begin living a tribal existence, slowly migrating about the world. Their time would come in a special 20,000 year period known as the Deluvian period, for the delusion the souls would be in, believing they are just bodies, and for the devolution in life that would seem ‘normal’ from a survival of the fittest money economy. Living in dualistic satanic consciousness is not of normal Universe; and right now that is just about all you have: fear, violence, suffering, war, crime, disease and poverty.

The good news is it’s all ending now. The ongoing work (and it has been work, hasn’t it) of the people carried out over many thousands of years and countless lifetimes, unites their consciousness to overcome their self created perils; and uniting with the Galactic Elohim who return now, delivers them thru the present tribulation into absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people.

The pyramid communities were set up just as life is lived in Galactica, in Christ Consciousness. “One for all, all for one,” where love is service done for all people and the reward is in the doing. This system of selfless service was the essential process that healed the entities incarnating into human bodies. It reopened their soul to God’s presence in their self. There was also a whole set of personal healing care services to help beings with specific problems. All 12 of the pyramid communities were a communal network; where beings rotated thru different positions of service that provided food, clothing, shelter, care, transportation, communications, recreation and utilities for everyone. No money was used. Special care for the incarnating souls took place in healing centers, to process karmic knots quickly and easily using cosmic energy directed thru thought-forms. All forms of yoga were practiced to facilitate physical health and spiritual growth.

Everyone participated in all aspects of society, together and individually. Beings learned to be autonomous self-governed souls, operating from their center of consciousness that is one with God Spirit. Everything was free, pure giving and receiving in a balanced communal society of men, women and children. All needs were supplied to all people, and everyone participated in their creation within the 30/30 Plan; 30 days in their chosen service of about 5 hours a day serving in the communal industries, followed by 30 days of recreation.

The society was a balanced mix of producers and consumers. No middle men needed. No money. No red tape. Administration was all about coordinating logistics, facilitating the ways and means for each member and element in the social fabric to function harmoniously. Of course, we had the full complement of galactic technology as well: Dynadran powered space ships and energy systems; the space ships themselves in a wide variety of useful sizes and forms; 4-D crystal ball computers, all hooked into the big computer, the UM; 4-D holographic video/audio systems to record and broadcast; laser tools of all sorts; holographic entertainment media; and especially the micro-nova onboard the main Mothership, which generated all the life forms, human bodies, animals,
plant seed, right down to the amoeba. And much more, whatever we needed. Life was not a stressful struggle for survival. All that would show up in the Deluvian period, when Baal-Lucifer and his minions would come into bodies during a long period of money atonement.

As to our crystal ball computers, with a holographic center of God consciousness, thru them the Mind can talk to us directly: More than that, it’s a 2-way telepathic communion/communication with God Mind, where we talk to It, and the response comes to us psychically as well as in the computer, which is multi-dimensional, able to convey rich, subtle meaning thru interwoven sound, light and feeling. It is also the means by which interpersonal communications takes place. The computer is a sentient, organic construction built expressly to convey consciousness. So in our ETI Computer, each crystal ball is connected to all the others and to the Big Computer, the God Mind. This technology doesn’t mimic nature and the Universe, or copy the Big Machine. It operates from and with the Big Machine, that is Infinite Conscious Love Energy. You might call it organic cosmic technology.

The World Master Plan of the God Mind for this world is all in the computer, and we followed Its guidance in explicit Intelligent detail, for all matters great and small. The society and culture of the Pyramid Cities was a magical, wondrous healing environment and experience. Art, music, dance, all manner of artistic expression were woven into the fabric of life, which was all a daily celebration, and in no way heavy work. We used our bodies physically every day with great vigor and joy in operating our creative industries, like agriculture and food production, and physical health issues were nonexistent. It was Eden in every real sense. All the people cooperated to provide food, make clothes and home furnishings, generally take care of one another by operating services needed, supply and maintain the environments, and operate all the industries. Everyone served together and was served in return. There were beautiful birthing palaces where children were born
without stress. The children were raised in groups by parents and others in extended families, who lived in communal clusters. There were no secular family units. At about age six children began to participate in the creative life of the community. There was no formal school, because life itself was all a real school being lived every day. Learn and exercising skills of reading, writing and mathematics for instance, happened in the advanced realm of full spiritual awareness, and was total joy of learning. The children had a team of adults including their parents, and they all lived and served together. Spiritual development was paramount, and at the forefront of the whole community.

As we said, one of the main ongoing service projects that spanned the planetary transformation from the beginning thru the entire period of the Pyramid Temple Communities, was taking the planet’s rough and raw physical environment, and make it hospitable to life as it would later be lived all over the world. A great deal of planting and terra forming of mountains, coast lines, lakes and rivers was done, steadily seeding the world with the incredible varieties appropriate to each ecozone, and nurturing their growth, like the tropical rainforests, redwood groves, the forests of Siberia; steadily building the ecosystem layer by layer over a few million years into the miraculous, magical planet we have now that can support life in wondrous variety.

The great agricultural project spanned the entire Nile Valley from Alexandria to Thebes. Seeds from the Mothership’s nova were transported down to earth, where they were sprouted and nurtured as seedlings then plants in the Nile Valley, which was a near perfect growing environment. We used occasional cloud cover so severe heat wouldn’t damage crops, and we could make it rain as necessary to keep everything watered. Once the plant or tree was established and seed producing, a process involving mass produced seedlings was used to put key species all over the planet, which was all done on a large scale.

As a necessary part of their healing, the beings of this solar system who came into bodies to heal the damage to their etheric circuitry were the main force of love service labor where it was called for; putting their ego-self into selfless physical service would rebalance and ground their negated energy, repairing and reopening the etheric circuitry of their individual light body, which is our soul microcosm, into consciousness and harmony with Godhead; that is, back into the synthesis oneness that is Christ Consciousness. As this healing occurs, an ever growing joyous bliss replaces the negated consciousness of separation with eternal peace and Joy. The Truth of Oneness is known and lived, with grace.

Our industrious schools of experience in the University of the Universe were the vehicle each soul passed thru in an incarnation, doing daily love service shifts to clear the dross off their etheric cognition switches, repairing their aura. Each person was self scheduled into one facet or another of the communal industries, and people would rotate into new creative experiences on a regular basis. And it mostly only took one incarnation in a physical body to process back into eternal life, able to once again manifest in an eternal body in the 12th density realms of Galactica.

That is quite a real change to make, to go from egocentric thinking mind back into enlightened All-knowing Awareness; and after successfully processing 16 billion souls, there were still about 8 billion souls in the heavenly abode who were so ego driven it was impossible for them to stay in the Pyramid Temple Communities at all. As soon as they’d come into a body and it reached maturity they’d run off into nature, where basic survival was a severe struggle. Their time on the planet would come in after we left in our spaceships, the past 20,000 year period up to now known as the Deluvian Period, which ended with the turn of the millennium, 12/31/00.

About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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