Gabriel’s Story

It was 50 years ago today…

You could say it all began back in 1967 in the Summer of Love, when Gabriel’s parents, Bill and Kathy, met Allen Michael. He had just opened The Here & Now restaurant in the Haight-Ashbury, and, after hearing him channel his message heralding a new world of freedom, security and abundance for all, they co-founded the One World Family Commune to serve as a pilot model demonstration of the principles of his New Covenant-World Bill of Rights.

Of course Gabriel’s would be called to incarnate at this time of God’s Spirit being ‘poured out on all flesh’ and being made manifest in the hearts and minds of the turned on ‘flaming youth’ of the 60s. Gabriel was conceived (in a van down by the river) in Dunsmuir, CA in February of 1969, while his parents were on a publicity and booking tour for Allen Michael and the communal band ‘Quazar’ at colleges and other venues up and down the west coast. At 8:22 pm, on November 25th, 1969, Gabriel was born into the One World Family.

The Berkeley Years  (1970-1975)

The Commune, shortly after the Summer of Love, settled in Berkeley, where the One World Family would grow to about 150 members, kids included. Everyone lived communally in 5 converted frat and dorm houses in the Berkeley Hills, including the famous Lathlorian coop, and they ran a huge restaurant called The One World Family Natural Foods Restaurant in the old Lucky supermarket. Member Charles Lobdell painted the iconic rainbow that still graces the top on Telegraph and Haste, which now houses Amoeba Music.

The Berkeley Center was a beautiful, flowering demonstration of what a vibrant, sharing communal aura feels like. There were regular happenings with music, dancing, and channelings by Allen Michael. Gabriel’s dad, Bill, was one of the main musical co-creators in the commune, composing, arranging and playing trombone, flutes, bass and guitar in the communal bands, like Quazar. Kathy, Gabriel’s mom, managed and served in the Natural Foods restaurant, which was run on a totally communal basis, serving nourishing, affordable vegetarian food to the community. Kathy also authored and co-created the recipes for the Commune’s classic vegetarian cookbook, Cosmic Cookery.

During these years, Allen Michael’s first book of the Everlasting Gospel was published. It was titled To the Youth of the World. This book is a wonderful, revolutionary introduction to the New Age Christ principles that the One World Family is based on.

Gabriel recognized from an early age that he and his brothers and sisters were souls incarnating here on assignment. Gabriel was given his name by Spirit, thru his mother, who was given the name Pre-Phoenix by Allen Michael. From as early as he can remember, Gabriel was communing with the Comforter Spirit telepathically.

The Stockton Years  (1975-1988)

In 1975, the commune was caused to give up the Berkeley Center and all of the communal houses in a concerted effort to run counter-culture groups out and make way for higher rents. After a 3 month search, it was decided to move to Stockton in the San Joaquin valley. By the time we all landed, we numbered 50 or so, and there were contingents who moved to Maui, Oregon and elsewhere.

The house that attracted us was a huge, antique mansion on the south side, owned by the Wong family, one of the prominent Chinese families in the area. The Wong Mansion, or “Big House”, as those in the OWFC called it, had a huge open 3rd Floor attic studio for dancing, yoga, costuming, airbrushing, etc.

The 2nd Floor housed two communal family branches – Allen Michael & Diane, with their kids: Allen David, Synthea and Cosmon; and Bill & Kathy, with their kids: Gabriel, Hosanna and Adamen. The elder siblings, including Manny and Torah shared rooms in the wing house. You can get a sense of how balanced the family tree looked at the time. The prize goes to Daniel, the youngest brother, who joined the two branches when he was borne of Diane and Bill, who would become life partners.

The 1st Floor housed a living room for communal meetings, sing-alongs, dances, etc. The dining room held 3 long tables and a low, octagonal “little kids table”. The commune would have fantastic communal dinners here and break bread together daily. The kitchen was fully communal and the women and men served together, making use of a full pantry of bulk whole foods, and preparing homemade yogurt, tofu, etc. And last but not least, the offices were the heart of Starmast Publications, where Allen Michael’s channelings, known as the Everlasting Gospel or ‘EG’, would be edited and typeset by a dedicated staff of volunteers, including Gabriel’s father, who presided over the Church.

Much of Bill’s ministerial service, however, was spent in the Basement music studio, practicing, recording, producing and co-creating the great music of Quazar and other musical projects. It was here where Gabriel was introduced to music, along with the other kids, who were included on some of the communal recording projects.

Schools of Experience

Much of Gabriel’s childhood was spent playing with the other kids in the tree-lined yard, the garden and the pool. He grew to love the “Big House” and his unique home life. The children of the One World Family were taught thru creative “schools of experience”, where we “learn thru doing”. It was understood that children are already advanced souls who have been educated many times thru successive incarnations, and bring all of their innate talents and abilities with them into this lifetime.

A special thanks here to all the communal elders who showed up, in their unique ways, to guide the commune kids with hands-on, creative projects like mandala-making, beading and crafts, painting and drawing, sewing and costuming, silk screening and airbrushing, bread baking and cooking, restaurant and festival food service, toy and game making, 3-D geometric model building, balsa wood glider making, geodesic dome construction, wood shop, sculpture, auto mechanics & restoration, video production, music and performance, etc. Being raised in a co-creative environment has been one of the greatest blessings in Gabriel’s life.

Kohl Open School

There was a new “open school” being created in Stockton by progressive teachers (the McKormick’s, Bud West and others). Based on the teachings of Herbert Kohl, it was based in the principals of learning at one’s own pace, and the open classroom, where kids could go to other classrooms and sign up for projects happening around the school, like pottery, sugar egg making, needlepoint, cooking, sports, theater, etc. Gabriel attended Kohl Open School thru the 6th grade.

Secular Living

In 1978, in the face of karmic changes in the communal relationship dynamics, it was decided to move into separate houses. Bill, Diane, Allen Michael and others continued to live in a central house where Gabriel would go to visit and play with his brothers and sisters. It was like a second home, where he could go be creative and stay connected with his communal extended family.

Public School

Middle and high school was a rude awakening for Gabriel to the ways of institutional “learning” – 7 different teachers in a day and being evaluated on regurgitation and attendance. These years were marked by great frustration, as every day Gabriel would have to avoid bullying that would come down the pike for being ‘different’, or artistically gifted. There was no safe outlet for Gabriel’s energies until he found acting in his senior year. In the theater, he could raise his voice and try on new attitudes. It was like breathing again after having his voice taken. Gabriel was accepted to UC Davis in 1988.

The Davis Years (1988-1992)

Davis was a great community for a young artist. Gabriel’s thirst for creative activity was be well satiated in the UC Davis Drama Department where he developed his gifts for design, acting and direction. Gabriel lived in the Baggin’s End community or ‘The Domes’ for his last 2 years in Davis. This group of 14 student made dwellings had evoloved an ecological, activist, artistic, consensus based community of students who represented a core facet of the liberal scene at Davis. The other half of the picture was the Whole Earth Festival, put on by the Experimental College. Gabriel had been to this festival as a child a number of times when the Commune would have a booth, Allen Michael would speak or Quazar would play there. Now he had a chance to get involved on WEF staff, designing the stage backdrop and poster in 1992.

The Pittsburgh Years  (1992-1996)

Gabriel was accepted to the Graduate Scene Design program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. At CMU, Gabriel was introduced to in depth conservatory training. He had the opportunity to design and co-create many exciting shows with world class theater directors and artists, and his love for the art of theater grew many fold in collaboration with his peers and mentors. After receiving his MFA, Gabriel returned to Northern California in 1996.

The Marin Years  (1996-2004)

At Marin Theatre Company, Gabriel started working his way into the Bay Area theater scene, but he was going further into debt with the high cost of living in Marin. He ended up landing a wonderful job at Lowell High School in 1999, teaching technical theater classes and running the theater there. At the same time, his father passed away from the treatment of bone cancer. This crisis opened Gabriel to his purpose as a channel again and he started receiving communications from Christ Spirit and his father, guiding him into his ministry. In 2001, Gabriel saw the complicit fraud of 9-11 and began to speak out to his students and others. And a vision revealed thru a dream showed him his function was to deliver the ‘little book’ to the people in these times of tribulation. When Gabriel’s student loans were paid off, he resigned and moved to Harbin Hot Springs to answer his calling.

The Harbin Years  (2004-2012)

At Harbin Hot Springs, Gabriel served as a devotional musician in the twice weekly kirtans, and as a sound and lighting technician for the Unconditional Dance and Harbin Events and plays. He also facilitated an Astrological Moon Ritual, and served in many other rituals and services at Harbin. Gabriel was ordained in The New Age Church of Being (NACoB) at Harbin Hot Springs in 2006. Pictured here is the ordination ritual, which culminated at the end of a six-month training program with once a week classes in ritual fundamentals. Each student was given the chance to conduct a ritual and lead a class. Gabriel developed and offered a Ritual Moon Calendar that was used to open the new Temple at Harbin. He is grateful for the healing elementals and devoted community at Harbin for helping him reawaken to his calling.

“Our circle is open, yet unbroken…”

Mount Shasta, Ashland and beyond…

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel during retreats to Stewart Mineral Springs with the Clarity Breathwork group. But his true initiation occurred on Mount Shasta during the summer of 2007 while praying with his friend Shashi below the spring fed meadow on the south side of the mountain. This angelic visitation changed the course of his life and he devoted himself fully to his ministry. He was called to expand outside of the confines of Harbin and move to the Shasta/Ashland area, where he devoloped his website, served as chaplain in the local grange, provided design services to new age festivals and educational theatre programs and weddings. Most recently Gabriel has returned to the central valley where he facilitates A Course In Miracles study group and is reconnecting with local festival and community organizers to collaborate and help usher in the new world of complete sharing and absolute, freedom, true security and real abundance for all.

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel (Gah-vry-el in Hebrew) means “Strength of God”, and he is often depicted with a horn of annunciation. In Islam and Sufism, Gabriel (Jibrail) is one of God’s chief messengers, channeling the Koran to Mohammed.

Gabriel’s role includes revelations, messages and guidance during times of great spiritual change or upheaval. During the time of the Old Testament, Gabriel sounded the warning to leave Sodom & Gomorrah. These great karmic changes don’t always portend grave destruction. Gabriel communicated the news to Anna, the Teacher of Righteousness of the Essenes, that her daughter Mary would be the mother of the Christed Messiah, Yeshua. And Gabriel was in constant attendance upon the young Mary and protected her throughout her life on earth.

Gabriel also appeared to Joseph and the Essenes and directed them to flee to Egypt. And when Jesus prayed and agonized to the point of sweating blood in the Garden of Gethsemane, before being taken in by authorities, the Gabriel was sent to strengthen him. And from Gabriel, the Myrrh-bearing Women heard the joyous news of Christ’s Resurrection.

Gabriel is pictured on the Last Judgement Tarot card where the slumbering souls are called from the grave with the horn of the Red Cross (the Salvation Army of the 144,000) as the flood waters of the apocalypse abound. This is the last call for souls during the harvest time.

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on immortality.” (1 Cor. 15:52-53)


About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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