God’s Vision

Since my Cosmic Initiation in 1947, my resurrection has been like the Universal God-Mind bringing me along as a child, with me clinging to It like It was my Father, until one day It said to me, ‘There is our Kingdom stretched out as far as you can see in every direction. It is all theirs and yours if you follow explicit directions.’ And I, in my childish ways, thought, of course, that I would go first class: ‘Now look who I am! I’m the Messiah!’ And because the Spirit said so, the people, it seemed, would flock around me and surround me with all manner of beauty. Certainly my Heavenly Father would make them notice me in miraculous ways.

In the meantime, I was being stripped of all earthly possessions, princely ego and vanity – which I had little of to begin with. The New Age business that I had established in Long Beach, after the time of my Cosmic Initiation in 1947, was growing, and was to become my first communal demonstration. This was between the years 1956 and 1965. The commune in Long Beach turned out to be a miserable failure in one way, and a total success in another. Out of it, I lost my business, tools, car and everything – even my family and friends – yet, that which I was gaining was gold, tried in the fire. The assets I had accumulated, worth thousands of dollars, when sold, returned to me less than 5 thousand dollars to begin anew on. Separated from home and family, but still in the prime of life, it was like starting over again.

After the early communal flop in Long Beach, out of which I barely escaped with life and limb intact, you would have thought that I would never venture into a communal experience again. Our commune had attracted mainly people on dope, potential thieves and pushers – and in that realm, having had no experience with nature’s potions, I had no idea of what was happening. Wearing my heart on my sleeve, accepting everyone and trying to help them, was an experience I had to go thru in order to learn what spiritual discrimination really is, and in order to recognize the people who had ‘soul integrity.’

The most difficult thing for most of us to do is to know who can qualify in a spiritual rapport and who cannot, and then to choose with ‘soul judgement’ – which is especially important in this kind of demonstration, where all things are held common. We must learn to know in advance those who can do it, and must not get involved with those who cannot but who just want to try. They say, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again.’ That adage really means that if you don’t know correct procedure the first time, then keep trying until you hit upon it. Persons who know correct procedure aren’t trying to prove themselves or the mechanics of their way of life; they are only fulfilling the Natural Law for the good of all, and they know it.

Thru all this experience, I was happy inside because of the Voice that kept me balanced out. I had a Master Builder inside the spirit of myself, and I was becoming more and more in tune with It. The time-lag was not in myself, but in the earth energies upon which I was to act as a catalyst and synthesizer. I was a Tinker Bell, acting as a transceiver of the PSI time-light force being radiated into the earth’s aura – like the yeast that causes the bread to rise.

So, out of my trials and tribulations, I learned to follow the instructions unfolding in my head, and learned where all thought force contacting me was coming from. At first, in my innocence, and having had very little intellectual knowledge of the ways of the world about me – having been closed up to the outside world and growing within a cosmic sphere – the Omni God-Mind began to school me, and I began to write all that was being channeled thru me.

Then, when books were put in my hand to associate with in reading, I was greatly perplexed because their knowledge was usually on either end of the things the God Mind was programming in me. How could I be right, I thought, and everyone else, except appointed teachers of esoteric science, be mixed up? But then I was shown that the divided masses of people were not entirely wrong. They were only left or right of the synthesis truth; and I and the 144,000 were rising up between them.

It was shown to me that what earth people really want are solutions to their vast problems, and that the God Mind would write them thru me as the Everlasting Gospel prophesied to come in Rev. 14:1-6, and initiate the demonstration of real, right-on universal living thru those of us who are of the “144,000,” as we would channel the Universe’s first causes. Then the radiating energies of our activities would begin to sow the positive seeds in this planet’s aura which would effect the total changes that would deliver the Israelites into a Heaven on Earth. And who are the Israelites? They are IS REAL People, the ones who come along joyfully on this wonderful journey into eternity. And all who do, get their wings so they can fly high again.

My childish bubble burst, when the God Mind made me see that there, stretched before me, was the potential Kingdom of Glory for all people – and that, at the time of my returning to conscious communion with the Godhead, It would lay the proper foundation thru me. Finally, it soaked in that I was to start from scratch, in a hole-in-the-wall, so to speak, and dig: and that people would follow the example thereof. The God Mind, always smiling, kept making me realize more and more, those things which IT would do for all people thru me, and thru ITs elect – those who would join with us.

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