It wasn’t until 1967 that I was led to San Francisco to open the Here and Now Natural Food Restaurant, and to begin the building, the molding together of a wonderful One World Family Commune. ‘Who,’ I thought, ‘could possibly change the whole world and all its people by beginning in a little hole-in-the-wall natural food restaurant at Haight and Scott Streets in San Francisco – without a dime in his pocket and only the wit to converse with progressive people?’ As I worked in the hole-in-the-wall, people came to expand the IDEA as if they were assigned, and other people came to put money into the New World Project as if they were directed to do so. The God Mind was providing the way!

When a cosmic microcosm lights up on a planet, he or she becomes a mind station for all space beings associated with the problems of earth. Many people would like to have a rap session with, for example, the president – any president – to ad lib answers to his or her problems. But in telepathic communion, things are different. Telepathic communications are on the highest levels that govern the earth and its life, and they take place in minutes in comparison to the slow-moving energies of the intellectualism of earth vibes. Under the earth vibration it takes weeks to even manifest a meeting of minds; and even then it is usually only to rap about mortal events, and not spiritual happenings.

We learn to commune telepathically with many transient beings coming into our head/radio-TV station, balancing in their energies; and as our microcosm is programmed into first cause, it automatically computes back to them the answers they seek. The light on the Placentia planet is beginning to brighten with white light, which instructs the lesser inter-terrestrial space beings [who can travel from planet to planet, but only within this solar system] and brings them, as well as the inhabitants of this Placentia planet, into Universal God-consciousness.

My third great experience came in September 1973. I was living in Berkeley, California then. The One World Family Commune, which I had formed in San Francisco in 1967, had opened a large vegetarian restaurant in Berkeley. It also had a bakery, pizzeria, clothing and craft shop and community entertainment center where our electric band and other groups played in the evening. At that time our commune had over a hundred people in it, counting the children, and we were demonstrating Jesus economics, holding all things common and making distribution to each according to need.

In any event, on that day, I went to the International House in Berkeley to ‘channel’ in their coffee house, where I would sit each day and write down the thoughts coming into my headset. I’m a telepathic channel and I open myself up to write automatically, and it is as it is written that I learn what is being said.

I was about a half block from the International House, and I looked up at a flash of light in the sky, and – swish – I, the entity in the body, was taken up into the light inside a great Mother Ship. There, I was aware that I was in my spaceship with my people. The usual procedure followed, and I was put in an eternal body.

What experiences that people have on earth, are relative to such events? Dreams are: when people are astrally traveling in their etheric body to work out karma, either from past incarnations or from the one they are in now. If your dream is negative, where you’re in a struggle, then it’s negative karma; and if your dream is positive, enlightening, you are being shown how to solve the problem you now have. If you have the knowledge of what dreams are, then through auto-thought-suggestion, you can alter your bad karma and accentuate your good karma.

My earth body went on to the International House to channel, where it would write down the experiences I was having, which lasted about eight hours. Our spaceships travel by mind. So they transcend time-space limitation, through mental causation space travel. Twelve other beings were picked up with me, and we were on our way to a great conference at Altamira, one of 24 great planets that orbit the Central Sun at the center of our galaxy. The twelve entities who accompanied me were and are the 12 cosmic masters assigned with me to oversee the and are the 12 cosmic masters assigned with me to oversee the well-being and delivery of this planet. They have been present with me all along, and have had numerous incarnations in bodies to assist earth people in bringing forth a world civilization – a civilization which we will deliver now into the Kingdom of God. This has been our mission all along. These 12 cosmic masters each originate from one of the constellations of the zodiac in this galaxy. I am the first, and the one assigned by the great Archangel Michael to be in charge of this project, and together we comprise 13 cosmic adepts.

Our journey on that day was to the Synthesia ashram on Altamira, the fabulous galactic world, which along with its twin world Altamedia, are assigned as the centers thru which the galactic logos is orchestrating the delivery of Placentia. We were gathered there to hear a channeling from Uni God-Mind about the completion of our mission here. This is quite a story, and it is being prepared as another volume of the Everlasting Gospel series, to be published in the future. It’s entitled Journey to the Great Central Sun. Eight hours later, I was back in my body, much enlivened by the experience, to say the least. And most pleasantly noting that the whole experience was right there on paper as my body had channeled the communication while it took place.”

Since April, 1947, Allen Michael has spoken the words each day and done the simple deeds which have put spiritual thoughts for everyone to use into the planet’s collective conciousness that day by day plays back in them, making them more transcendental. He would speak or write that which he hears, and from this tell the world the things that are to come. “I am in you and you are in me, and we shall speak what we hear through our intuition and show the people the things that are coming about, in spite of any of us.”

Allen Michael left his body in the spring of 2010 and continues to make his stand from Galactica as the Comforter Spirit of Truth channeling thru those of the 144,000 and all who are open to It’s message. At the perfect moment, Michael will unite the people and religions of this planet thru full contact, triggering the delivery of the Kingdom of God, Heaven on Earth. Blessings in Eternity!

To learn more about Michael’s Stand, to read the Everlasting Gospel or to learn more about the One World Family, check out the Galactic Messenger website. •

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