The Uni-Helix

I say: “Why wade through more spilled blood, when the true communist world can come in right now thru the ETI-World Master Plan?” This will totally fulfill RNA-DNA-ESP-PSI for all the people of the Earth. Cosmological-scientific letters in themselves reveal the truth that ETI-minded beings can pick up on right away. So, follow this equation: Uni-Helix = RNA-DNA-ESP-PSI. It represents an energy matrix, whereby the Universe creates Itself! Science is attempting to trace RNA-DNA-ESP-PSI to Its source, believing that thru the manipulation of these things they will solve the problems of human degeneration – war, crime, mental illness and poverty. This is the biggest illusion there could be. But even the blind who lead the blind believe they do right. It is not that they understand the truth and then purposely deceive the people. However, this kind of science of effects had to go on up to this time of full truth, because in such challenges, those men and women still in the illusion are changed, and even their pseudo-science finally leads them to the truth. This ends their kind of medicine and brings into practice the true health processes of natural living, which has no need of artificial antibiotics and other such kinds of drugs. (ETI-SBIE P.61)

Medical scientists say they have increased our life expectancy to the average ripe old age of about 75 years, where it used to be about 35 years. The truth is that they have found ways of embalming bodies to preserve them longer. The people are really just taking a longer time to die, and from 35 years on are suffering from chronic illnesses. Under the normal yin and yang body biological and chemical balance with the RNA-DNA/Uni-helix, the life-span of bodies could be extended thru many years of vigorous health, until the entities themselves decided to give up their earth bodies because they had become aware that they could go on to a higher density and manifest higher body forms there. This would not be called death, but the metamorphosis from one stage of life to another. (TTYOTW P.193)

To repeat, the great news then is that such negative effects as war, crime, poverty, degenerative disease, etc., are all directly related to the errors the people are into against the natural law, and they will automatically go away as this great revolutionary Master Plan is put into operation. All the past had to be as it was because it was. There are not even two choices. All things have been happening according to the RNA-DNA Uni-helix. And the extreme variations of such things as the buying and selling of merchandise for secular profits – in contrast with the Godhead’s way of giving and receiving and holding all natural resources and industries common – were brought out in order to cause the people to stumble into reality. But now the old world doesn’t have to continue any longer, because the ‘old work horse’ is here revealing thru the EG the mysteries of all the ages and bringing the climax of the old and the beginning of the new. TTYOTW P.192 The EG tells all, knows all and corrects all illusions the world people of Israel have had thru the centuries – illusions whose causes have been that the world people didn’t seek first the Kingdom of God and It’s righteousness by first laying the cornerstone: the proper foundation for commerce and social living on a planet according to the Uni-helix, which is of first cause mental activity only. (TTYOTW P.183)

Nature’s Potions and the Uni-helix

It is good to get oriented into the truth so that all things can be dealt with from Christ or Uni-consciousness. Of course, neither Felton, Green, Dalton, nor any of the persons they write about are in cosmic consciousness. They are writing about effects and do not give the synthesis, or the solution to problems in relation to their causes, and thereby the real healing of the negative effects. Their writings open up the sore wider, so that more people can see the sore and be mesmerized to handle the satanic energies of the Van Allen Belt that many people are not cleared of as yet. This is especially so with the fantastic pandemonium that many people are experiencing under acid (LSD), thru which they intuitively know that it all means something, but they can’t put it together properly according to the Uni-helix. Nature’s potions will make right-wingers more fascistic and left-wingers more democratic. The reason for this is obvious. It can be found in the three main frequencies of mind energies that make up high consciousness, which are of solar plexus, heart and head chakras. A right-winger is strong in solar plexus and a left-winger is strong in heart chakra. We could say that heart overcomes solar plexus, and that opened head chakras overcome them both. Persons yet in the vibrations or frequencies of solar plexus are not going to complete the psychedelic transient journey into the etheric realms of white light in the high balanced energies of the earth’s aura. They will astral travel, as their aura opens, out thru the astral plane; but when they come to the Van Allen Belt, which is in between the astral and etheric planes of consciousness in our planet’s aura, they will be completely freaked out, as Charles Manson and other such people have been. (TTYOTW P.204)

The transcendental journey thru space and time is governed by the purpose for our taking the sacrament, which is likened to the same reasons that people drink alcoholic beverages, which also puts them into degrees of suspended animation. But using alcoholic beverages does not open them up all the way because it causes paralysis of the sensory system. Nature’s potions, when organic, do not bring paralysis, but stimulate the nervous system with full potentials and cause the people to review world karma. If we take the sacrament for kicks, to enliven our spirit with the idea of perhaps attending a dance or a happening where boy meets girl, or vice versa; we are being led into experiences that use up much of our etheric plasma. Then for several days afterwards we will be drained. Whereas, if we program ourselves into the psychedelic experience by pre-thought suggestions, calling forth etheric guides to lead us up thru our 4-D Uni-helix planetary project; then we are not using up our etheric plasma by spinning in the energies, but we are charging ourselves with high energies and have more vitality after our experience. Many of the yoga masters, as we see, deny the synthesis pills or the use of natural plant life to open up our body organs of perception and our aura to the fourth dimensional frequencies of the synthesis energies, and for the same reason that the establishment makes laws against their use. And that is because, in this present age of psychedelics, nature’s potions – brought forth by the advanced alchemists – are stealing their act, so to speak. The religious yogi cannot be in the world and hold down a job and reach his nirvana, because it takes all his spare time to undo all the karma he thinks he has taken on, as he vainly separates materialism from spirituality. He is yet in the concept of good and evil. Whether he admits it or not, his actions prove that he is. (TTYOTW P.234)

About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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