The Master Plan

The Master Plan as given in the Everlasting Gospel:

To the Youth of the World

The citizens of the United States of Israel – who in Bible prophecy are the tribe of Joseph – have a key part to play now in the destiny of our world humanity, and it is not at all in congress with the nationalism of the Americans. The Ugly American Nationals are the Gentiles among us, who are yet to be converted into God’s purposes. And how shall they be converted? Simply by the World People of all Israel rising together now and carrying out a World Wide Work Stoppage that will take the power away from national forces. Why? Because we will stop buying and selling merchandise for secular profits and will set up collective enterprise, in which all goods and services are produced collectively and held common by all people of the earth. p.24

The masses of World People will get smart real quick and play no more warring charades. They will carry out no more useless labor strikes against industries. They will no longer support the military and they will stop trying to bring about the kind of emotional peace, made by men, that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. In all their doings they still have not brought good government. They have not brought peace. And they have not, thru labor unions, liberated themselves from that which is called exploitation. But this is an exploitation of which those who manage the world industries could also say: “The pendulum has swung the other way, and now the masses are exploited by socialistic governments that are still capitalistic, that still do not return the fruits of the people’s productivity unto the people so that there can be liberty, justice and equality.” Now the workers of the world shall unite to carry out a World Wide Work Stoppage that keeps essential services and supplies rolling and lets the natural integration of all things take place. p.40

To do this, we get the workers of the world to carry out a World Wide Work Stoppage which works in such a way that the supplies necessary to our revolutionary needs keep coming and the natural integration of all things takes place; and all that is superfluous to our natural economy falls out of the picture.

The revolutionary needs of the people are surprisingly small! For a short period (until the world forces of antithesis versus thesis are turned into a pillar of light and all aggression ends) the people, as far as many store items are concerned – for example: most drug store items, cars, clothes, radios, TV’s, appliances, you name it – the people could give them up as pleasures until the proper foundation is laid. This happens thru the World People’s Emergency Government, which is to have its headquarters in the United Nations and is set up right now by the people in every church and temple. The World People must give the United Nations something to get their teeth into. Let’s imagine that we, the World People, are going to go the extra mile!

And the soldiers of the world, how easy it is to unite them all. The young fawns, who make up the bulk of military forces at present, do not even know what they are fighting for or defending. It is simply a war of words, but the words are not arranged so that they bring out of each person the power that Creation has endowed all persons with. Can’t you see we need New Word slogans that say I AM . . . WE ARE! The old ones are boring as hell! p.56

In our New World communal free enterprise… we will overcome capital wealth. Money will be come useless. And, as this is the end of the money world, those who try to hang onto their worldly possessions will fall behind, to be trodden under foot as we march forward into our glorious New World Order. And those of faith will begin to spend the money they have in first cause revolutionary projects and put their properties to communal uses. Under our collective communal ways and means, we can put all the people on this planet into joyful pursuits of happiness. Whereas, capital wealth is working on a diminishing scale of returns and must lay people off…

We do not have to communalize the whole world before we can receive the full fruits of our labor. By just communalizing those things essential to our revolutionary needs – about ten percent of the essential industry of any city; this will cause the straight society to fold up. But they need not fear, for we have a way of life to give them that’s a thousand times better than what they have now. As our World Wide Passive Resistance Movement grows in numbers and this Everlasting Gospel spreads over the world, then there will be no rent, utilities, bills, taxes, mortgages, etc., to pay. In other words, we will liberate all the people from capital wealth. They will all be blessed!

We organize the workers of the world into a World Wide Work Stoppage; so that, systematically, we end all industries that are not essential to the Kingdom of God upon our Placentia planet. In the first days of our WWPRM we can make our own clothing, use hand-me-down clothes and furnishings, etc., and in a period of less than 90 days the merchants will have capitulated and joined the People’s Spiritual Reformation. All we have to prove to them is that the power is in the hands of a determined people of soul integrity, who are united together to democratically solve the vast, serious problems that conflict this humanity – which, if they are not solved, will bring on a world cataclysm that would get this civilization off of nature’s back. p.89

As we see, much of the cheap commercial decor is junk; and the home decorator’s accessories made by people who have spiritual values – the fine tapestries, furniture, carpets, blankets, lighting fixtures, etc. – are very expensive. So during these days of our World Wide Passive Resistance Movement, we should do without all the nonessential things until we have carried out our World Wide Transformation. We can use those things that are secondhand and already made, and bring them into a high maintenance.

As our World Wide Work Stoppage gains momentum and we receive industries to operate communally, then we shall be able to simply share the things we create. You can see that if we use even part of our cash flow to buy from the straight world retailers, then we are defeating our own World People’s nonviolent revolution. Our agents, who buy collectively for us, will go to the source and buy directly from the producers. The greater number of people who own and operate industries now will be glad to cooperate with our World Wide Buyers’ Strike and our World Wide Passive Resistance Movement. They can see the Master Mind in it all and that the end results are totally positive. And they can clearly see that they are not losing their properties, but are simply putting them into the hands of all people – whom they are a part of – and that they will receive great blessings from doing this.

Our spiritual reformation is not like we are communists putting the capitalists out of business and taking their properties for ourselves. This never was true. Even so, the communists themselves – right at the time that Marx and other revolutionary writers were beginning to spread their writings o’er the world – should have stayed with all the revolutionary things that are historically and prophetically traditional. But as we see, the world conflict was in materialism, and the communists had to begin there in order to correct the economic errors of the capitalist world. These errors have now divided the world into powerful yin and yang forces and have caused communism to be much misunderstood, and therefore feared. But we can also see that it all had to happen as it has so far, and that it was all prophesied in the Scriptures to happen as it did. And if the battle for the world were to go on to its final conclusion then everyone would lose. The stage is set so that now we, the World People, can rise up between capitalism and communism and bring them both into a true Communal Democracy. p.203

The New World Bible

We are in the 1290+1335 day transformation period right now. Michael the Archangel makes his stand as the Galactic Elohim make full contact with Humanity, completing the period of karmic tribulation; and everyone sees that Omni God has control over the nuclear weapons; so naturally the people come in with Michael, and start to build the Kingdom of total sharing through a spiritual, scientific World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise; which stops the old world entirely, keeping all the necessary services and supplies rolling as the new world begins to unfold right before our very eyes.

A key part of Galactica’s plan is that the youth of the world can start WWWS/KYE right now, refusing to serve as trained killers in the military; becoming Universal Soldiers, conscientious objectors who follow God’s commandment that says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Book 2, p.3

This cosmic contact comes as it says in Daniel 12:1-13, at the end of the “1290 + 1335 days,” to be followed by the completion of Michael’s stand in the WWWS/KYE, delivering the World Israel People (who are of all nations, including Israel) into God’s Kingdom. The Galactic Elohim come in on television world wide, making cosmic contact with the people, beaming in programs that originate outside this solar system, in Galactica. This leads directly to carrying out Spirit God’s World Master Plan through WWWS/KYE; where all people who are found written in the book of life (souls who are awake in God’s Spirit, who have recorded their real soul force in the planet’s mind bank) are “standing in thy lot at the end of the days.” Book 2, p.4

There are some two million beings all over the world ready for this book, which changes them and the planet of Placentia. All war, crime, disease, poverty, mortal death and mortal mindedness comes to an end, and we start the New World of free giving and receiving, bringing absolute unlimited freedom, security and abundance for everyone in an autonomous self-government. This means that the national governments end. The judicial/penal system ends. The military systems end. The false education system and the medical system which treats effects for money end. All competitive professional sports end. Usury money ends. These all end with the WWWS/KYE because these erroneous systems cannot function without the status quo and usury money. These systems were never needed in the world. They only exist because of satanic power, which is cast out now. Book 2, p.9

The military can’t be used for anything that’s real. It’s only used for the benefit of the rich elite, to make more money from the likes of selling coffins and tombstones! How far from the truth can God’s people get before they see and feel the light of God consciousness in themselves, then do the right-on things of the new autonomous selfgovernment that uses the World Wide Web and the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise to completely end this old world? Book 10, p.2

But Omni God comes in and proclaims loud and clear that the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise is the proper and safe way to end this old world and start the new world, which has autonomous self-government and doesn’t need the military, the judiciary-penal system, or even money. Book 10, p.3

In Christianity they assume that the Kingdom of God comes because Jesus’s followers win the battle of Armageddon. But this isn’t so. The Galactic Elohim have the live telepathic-vision broadcasting equipment in the etheric world wide web which actually animates the bodies of the workers and brings them into the WWWS/KYE so they will bring about Omni God’s 30/30 Plan in a nonviolent way. Book 10, p.9

The purpose of this is to show that the justice system in America isn’t for the people. It’s for those in control of the justice system, who all have to make their money first, and even then the kind of justice they give isn’t based on simple common sense, but is based on the rich ruling class versus the common people. The ruling class in America are being offered Spirit God’s real justice in the WWWS/KYE, along with the common people, who really deserve to be liberated from status quo slavery. Book 10, p.11

Were the wheat not separated from the chaff, then the chaff would go on bilking those of the wheat, keeping the same old confusion, all to make money, and be able to Everlasting drive the fine cars and wear the fine dresses and suits, and all of it the workers of the world made.

But now the workers of the world will come into Omni God’s plan and carry out the WWWS/KYE and establish God’s 30/30 Plan all over the world. Book 10, p.13

So who do you believe? Don’t believe in anyone of duality. Just be one for all and all for one in equality. Why equality? Because equality is that great word that heals all things. God’s WWWS/KYE is totally for equality and brings forth the 30/30 Plan through which the people flourish in this third millennium. Book 10, p.15

These ideas, which you are reading in this Everlasting Gospel, are the main source of truth which finally rises to inspire the workers of the world to bring the WWWS/KYE. This ends this old world and brings in Omni God’s Kingdom. The soldiers themselves take power over the military, and tell the powers-that-be they will no longer fight to uphold the status quo ways of ignorant, hypnotized men. Book 10, p.18

It’s easy, all you have to do is to trade all you have in on the new model, the new world where everyone is equal and God’s Spirit reigns supreme. However, God has to let sin do its things against the sinners, or they wouldn’t move at all, they would just gather in socialism as they always have done in communities.

What should the sinners do? The WWWS/KYE shows exactly what the sinners should do. Cast out the military, the usury bank, and the judiciary-penal system. Well, this is what the WWWS/KYE is. Without workers, how can the satans create wars as they have in the past? Keep in mind that those who want to cross over into the New Placentia (planet of rebirth and plenty for all), the Kingdom of God, cannot sin anymore.

But those who want to keep sinning, wind up as the chaff on the threshing floor. So let them do it. No one can save another. The only souls in body vehicles who can enter into the new Kingdom of God which is shown in God’s 30/30 Plan of the new way of life, are those souls who do not resist evil. Book 10, p.21

The ways and means of God’s Kingdom are simple. The people just hold all things common, and make distribution of goods and services according to need (Acts 4:32-35). This is what the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise is. The workers of the world stop working, and they start to create the things needed in life for health, harmony and entertainment through God’s 30/30 Plan, where for 30 days half of the women and men operate all the facilities of the unfolding utopian world, while the other half have free use of all the facilities on the planet. When half of the people are giving while the other half are receiving, this is autonomous self-government, like the Soviets hoped to have. But to build it and have it, you must do away with the military and the judiciary-penal systems and not support these satanic rackets any longer in any way. Book 10, p.21

But now comes the tremendous World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise, which ends all money shenanigans and ends all wars, ends all policing, ends the military. Book 11, p.3

So, getting the WWWS/KYE underway right now is the only way a bloody revolution can be avoided in America, France, and England, where satanic power has the greatest hold over people – America on the red horse, France on the black horse and England on the pale horse (Revelation 6:1-8). Book 11, p.4

You can see with all this fear that it’s difficult to get the Labor Unions to have the courage to call their world forum to announce the day when the WWWS/KYE will start. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself, which is a fool, and when people have the courage to say correct things and do them, then the slaves of the satanic ruling class can be set free, and not by the ruling class, but by the worker slaves themselves. Book 11, p.4

We are ending this usury money system and forgiving Baal-Lucifer, and the Learned Elders of Zion who control Israel today. We do this by organizing and carrying out a WWWS/KYE before the last war comes up in the Middle East. (Daniel 11:44) Book 11, p.12


Blessings in Eternity

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Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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  1. Bruce says:

    Brother Gabe

    I’m callin’ it The Global Trance ~~~*

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  5. High gabe and it seems you have done some editing yourself from the original text and the verbage on zionism is a bit in need of refinement with the historical mission of financing the 1800 s the industrial revolution and most all wars were financed by them and their cohorts. Yet modern day jewish peoplel have but little knowledge or understanding of israel and the historical mission of their people. understanding antipas is need and this means passed over for a time and then leaves as he was at the end of world war two, he went to the astral plane of a solar system yet being delevered. there are three more after this one to redeem. paul of texas is trying to expose the frs as a private bank that needs auditing, the big thing is that they are never audited by governmental agencies or the private banks. they finandc the panama canal and the suez canal gaurantteeing shipping to go through zion currency and trade agreements and letters of credit and the world was immature in the 18 00s and ever after world war two, the world never grew up.

    • hi Michael, yes i have edited for clarity when called. people seem to feel antipas, ‘the Lord’s faithful martyr,’ has made a comeback with Trump. there were some ceremonies intended to clear that secular energy from the Panama canal they may have freed up the blocked energy there. the true IS REAL people have gone forth among all the people of the planet and will stand when the idea who’s time has come and cannot be stopped makes itself known

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