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Sounding a Call

To artists, musicians, performers, technicians…

Seeking collaborative artists – script writers, composers, producers, publicists, performers, puppeteers, musicians, designers, costumers, technicians, etc. – for this exciting new theater production. Please contact Gabriel to arrange an interview/audition.

Karmageddon: a Musical Revue

“A musical revue and puppet cabaret for the End of Time”

Based on the mainline prophecies as unsealed and revealed in the Everlasting Gospel.

What happens when earthlings keep on riding the ‘gravy train’ of capitalism on into tribulation? It all unfolds on ‘The World Stage’ – a fully designed and realized, touring spherically convex stage representing our planet earth, or Placentia as it is called in Galactica. The story line follows a group of young people who are literally called from out of the audience and drop their old world roles to take a stand with Archangel Michael by presenting his prophesied and delivered ‘little book’ to the world, all thru a revue of fantastic music, dance, puppety and pageant demonstrating the transmutation of human karma thru a world-wide passive resistance movement!

As the ‘tribulations’ unfold in front of them on the world stage, the players are called into the drama/karma to heal it. As they do, each is taken thru his or her Cosmic Initiation, remembering who they are and how they can serve in Creation’s Master Plan. The characters transmute the karma as it comes up thru a World Wide Work Stoppage-Karma Yoga Exercise, making a stand with archangel Michael, who delivers the world thru full ETI contact and cleansing. The musical drama culminates with the arrival of the New Jerusalem mothership, bringing in a New World of free giving and receiving, delivering the lost souls here back into the eternal family where the masters dwell.

Stay Tuned For: Outline & Script, Stage Design & Drawings, Music & Lyrics, Etc…

7 Responses to A Call

  1. Jeani Hodges says:

    Hi Gabriel, Please email me when you wish, stay in touch. I love your Ministry and vision. You are in my heart always!
    I’m here for U anytime, please keep me in your site! Love ya, Jeani

  2. Anna Poulsen says:

    I’m sitting here with another smile on my face, Gabriel 🙂

    I’m making a wish that the first stop on Karmageddon’s World tour will begin here – or maybe just outside on the lawn!



  3. Laura Derocher says:

    Please keep me in mind as an actress who, after “Nunsensations,” will have puppet experience.

    • gabriel ash says:

      The best “Scottish Play” I’ve ever seen was done with puppets, and their mouths didn’t even move! It was the living words that made it potent, even when ventriliquized (is that a verb?) thru the mouths of carved, bobbing heads. And the famous set designer, Edward Gordon Craig, wanted to replace the actors of his time (and their inflated egos!) with what he called ‘Uber-Marrionettes’. Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Kermit, but Bread and Puppet is what blew it all up, puppetwize. And I probably would have never done Dogpark if there weren’t any pups a poppin. Jus sayin.

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