Rev. Gabriel Ash is available for ministerial services, consultations, healing sessions and a variety of other services. To contact the ministry by email, just complete the simple form below and share your inquiries. You can also use the built-in comment/reply form at the bottom of this page (comments edited for content).

Infinite Peace and Blessings!


3 Responses to Contact

  1. Jeani Hodges says:

    Beautifully designed Master Plan !!!

  2. very good and a great definition of the WWWS KYE and we should print this out and make it a give away and passing on to people at the occupying movement.
    I got a few new friends who like the EG and one guy just flipped when he read the whole book and said it was totally right on, 100% and nothing wrong about it. strange but true. and so keep on truckin’ lsd mike

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