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The New Jerusalem

The EG on the New Jerusalem Mothership

From the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael

The ‘Woman Giving Birth to a New World Child’

Revelation 12:1-5 tells of a great wonder that appears in the heavens and makes contact with all the people. It is depicted as a woman giving birth to a child. She is clothed with the sun, has the moon under her feet, and wears a crown of twelve stars. The moon regulates the life cycles on earth and orbits between the astral and etheric heavens. The great wonder is the New Jerusalem Mothership of the Galactic Command, which brings “Michael’s stand” and also supports the things that are “done for Jesus’s name’s sake.” This expression in the Bible means that we are to do the things that Jesus is popular for, such as communalism, forgiveness and turning the other cheek. We are also to do the thing which Jesus is unpopular for, which got him crucified; namely, putting the money changers out of the world temple. Except we will do it through Continue reading

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The Master Plan

Spirit God’s Master Plan

There is only one way to spiritually offset and transmute the heavy old-world karma as it comes up now to be healed, and it’s clearly spelled out in the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael, where it is described as a World Wide Work Stoppage-Karma Yoga Exercise (WWWS-KYE), a World Wide Passive Resistance Movement (WWPRM),  a World Wide Buyers’ Strike (WWBS), etc. All of these detail what is known as “The Master Plan.” Great luminaries such as Christ Jesus, Ghandi, etc. have all demonstrated the power of organized passive resistance-civil disobedience in order to prepare us now to fulfill our world wide movement of, by and for the People. Continue reading

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The New World Calendar

Why do we need a New World Calendar?

spacer12:12:12You could say the Gregorian calendar was designed to obscure the moon. Notice the months are not aligned with true moon phases and the weeks are not aligned with true quarter moons. It was also designed to empower the usury money system. In fact the word calendar derives from L. calendarium “account book,” from calendae/kalendae “calends” the first day of the Roman month, when debts fell due and accounts were reckoned.  Our ritual use of this calendar has served to reinforce a society that is in seeming ignorance of natural life cycles, if that were possible. Continue reading

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Crystal Ball Computers

With Galactica’s arrival, new ETI holographic computer communicators will be delivered here. These new computers are crystal balls that come in different sizes according to need. They respond to psychic vibrations of mind force. Imagine a universal communicator that’s a wireless phone, TV, computer, Internet hookup all in one. You can speak to it, and the Uni Mind will speak to you. Through the New Jerusalem [mothership], we will all be connected to the Galactic Internet, the life-matrix of Universe itself, with 4-D instantaneous access to anywhere and anything in the Universe, with your mind in perfect telepathic synchronicity. Spirit God has brought us the world Internet to use as the electronic nervous system of the new autonomous world social organization, which is all a free flow of energy and not the static limitations of business as usual. (p.21)

Our computer technology will be programmed to compute an ideal schedule to keep the food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communication and energy flowing to everyone. Of course, we do not take orders from some hierarchy. We take advantage of the creative services provided by the New World Planning Commission and computer technology only as it applies to our own true needs and abilities. Aura photography will be developed in computer electronics so that people can see the Lightships of the Heavenly Abode and the aura of their soul body. Galactica has this already and will deliver all the needed ETI computers here for our autonomous, computerized New World Government. These computers are holographic and include guidance spoken directly by Spirit God’s Voice; they are crystal balls and come in a variety of sizes, from one inch to 30 feet in diameter, and will handle all data communications for individuals and groups. (p.105)


from The Everlasting Gospel – New World Bible (2001)

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Study: A Course In Miracles – 6/24/20

Since co-creating A Course In Miracles study group with friends at the Unity Church, I have continued to offer a weekly reading here, posting inspiring passages each Wednesday to keep the channel open. Please feel free to add your comments and questions!

This Week’s Reading

Text: Chap. 18 – Part III – Para. 1-2


You who have spent your life in bringing truth to illusion, reality to fantasy, have walked the way of dreams. For you have gone from waking to sleeping, and on and on to a yet deeper sleep. Each dream has led to other dreams, and every fantasy that seemed to bring a light into the darkness but made the darkness deeper. Your goal was darkness, in which no ray of light could enter. And you sought a blackness so complete that you could hide from truth forever, in complete insanity. What you forgot was simply that God cannot destroy himself. The light is in you. Darkness can cover it, but cannot put it out. As the light comes nearer you will rush to darkness, shrinking from the truth, sometimes retreating to the lesser forms of fear, and sometimes to stark terror. But you will advance, because your goal is the advance from fear to truth.


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EG Study: The Dialectics of Materialism

EG Study: The Dialectics of Materialism

There are alot of people posting about the Hegelian Dialectic in a negative light recently because of the “problem, reaction, solution” idea being employed by behind the scenes world leaders. But I was raised with a very different understanding of the dialectic and wanted to share this collection of excerpts on the subject from the books of The Everlasting Gospel as channeled by Allen Michael to help put things into relativity around it. Please comment and question in the comments ~:) Gabriel

To the Youth of the World -1971:

The negative and positive poles of our planet’s aura are relative to each other. Those of the right and left wing forces are both halves of the same atomic body, and at this time they stop playing opposite parts and begin to apply synthesized ideas only. The science of physics has identified the three main frequencies of radiation known as alpha, beta and gamma rays. The alpha frequencies would correspond to the negative pole, or the dialectics of materialism recorded in the molecular structure of matter; the beta frequencies are of theosophical knowledge recorded in space atoms; and the blending of these with the gamma rays gives us the synthesis of right-on ideas to act upon. This is a simplified analogy of the three frequencies of the Cosmic Life Force – the Bible’s trinity.

We could say that the alpha frequencies of energy operate right-wingers; that the beta frequencies operate left-wingers; that the gamma frequencies operate liberals; and that the clairvoyant psychic is opened to the full frequencies of light. The right-wingers are expressing more solar plexus, or alpha energies, because they are working more in materialism; and the left-wingers are expressing more of the heart energies of beta vibrations, because they are not so much associated with the managing of materialism, but are more into freer, creative things. The balanced person is one who, in successive incarnations, has had much experience in both dialectics (the ways of supervising and operating industry) and theosophy (the spiritual nature of humans). Such persons are now opening up their higher mental chakras of mind, so that they are more in mental polarity balance and are now coming forth to lead both right and left wings.  (p.141-2)

Money was used as atonement to get the people to come this far; and when Marx’s Dialectical Gospel of Materialism and Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health were published, that was the signal to get rid of money and change over to mental healing.  (p.200)

The yoga masters, on their journey, have passed thru all the vibrations of the astral plane, the Van Allen Belt, and on out to the higher etheric realms. However, they have not been able to bring forth the dialectical knowledge of materialism – a ways and means that would lead the whole world into nirvana, or a heaven on earth. Obviously they have been denying, and still do deny, the material world as reality, and believe that if the people were all in the yoga meditations and exercises, then the world would become a paradise again. (p.233)

from ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings -1976:

“Energy-thought atoms” have two poles – which are yin and yang, right and left, antithesis and thesis – governed by their neutron center, which is the synthesis between pro and con dialectical thought; and the opposites, which are right and left wings, will fight each other in a planned and controlled war (the last karmic cleansing war) to cast all people out of their midst who are negating the New Age energies. (p.76)

We need to know that there are three lines of thought unfolding through our centers of intelligence in our etheric body. The first is right wing thought of infrared frequencies radiating thru our solar plexus chakra of antithesis. The second is left wing thought of the thesis ultraviolet energies radiating thru our heart chakra. The third is the Synthesis thought of gamma, or X-ray, frequencies that flow through our head chakra.

This corresponds to the basic trinity structure of Uni-atoms that are composed of electrons, protons and their neutron centers. Right and left wing thought is only used to form judgement. We can end the dialectical pro and con discussions now and apply only the Synthesis to all things. The Synthesis is always ONE – one people, one planet, one Universe, one kind of full life for everyone. As soon as thought divides into ‘we and they’ then it is pre-secondary and secondary thought. I use dialectical thought in these channelings, but I use it in the Synthesis. Therefore I don’t give the idea that I’m supporting any world isms, but only true Universal Christ Communism. Each of us is the Christ for whom we seek. Christ means Uni-Consciousness (anointed ones or those of the elect), and it is up to every person now to acquire Uni-Christ Consciousness. (p.79)

from UFO-ETI World Master Plan – 1976:

See Prophetess Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health and Prophet Marx’s Dialectical Gospel of Materialism and then read the synthesis of it all in these writings. All the problems that conflict this world humanity are simply in the way goods and services are distributed to the people. Marx, Engels, Debbs, DeLeon, Lenin and others have all championed the right use of material things.

“The multitudes of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul; neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.”

That is the ideal that Jesus taught. He and many others of the past and present were and are the prophets of the Uni Godhead for the establishing of Its Kingdom now! (p.53)

from GOD Ultimate Unlimited Mind SPEAKS -1984:

In conversation with people, do not take the opposite side of their words. Just keep speaking the Synthesis of “one for all and all for one” and use dialectical thought only to make a Synthesis point. (p.156)

Everything that every person says is drawn from their past akashia recorded in this and previous lifetimes. They are only talking about their own past experiences. But if they are of this all-knowing Mind, then they are not talking about self, but are relating to people on the perfect level of thought where it’s’all for one and one for all. In knowing this, the vast problem of political deception is exposed because each person is exactly what they are saying. And if they can’t speak a semantic, dialectic Synthesis sentence of words that ‘ring true,’ then they haven’t said a thing that could solve any problem. They just argue about who is morally wrong and who is morally right. No one is right or wrong; they are just not perfect. But only perfect will work! And this is why government politicians, scientists, educators, etc., have never solved basic socio-economic problems. (p.264)




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The EG on the Artificial Tribulation

This excerpt is from The Everlasting Gospel, channeled by Allen Michael


“The Universal Mind knows that if Its appointed Heavenly Hosts, the Galactic Command Space Complex, were not on hand to intervene at this time, then earth people would go off the deep end again. This ‘little book’ of the Everlasting Gospel is given to let all people know why the High Beings of the GCSC are here, and why they must act now to bring on an artificial tribulation – or else all flesh would be lost. The tribulation period need be only as severe and last only as long, in the 1290 plus 1335 days, as it takes to get all the people on this planet into the changes of heart and mind that will cause them to enter into our New World love services in a giving and receiving economy, where all the material resources and industries are held common by all people, and where money and the penal and military systems are done away with. Those who will not accept the necessary changes that must come all at once will be wiped away by their own hands.”

“Let us now clear the air as to the way natural selection works to separate the wheat from the chaff – to separate those who will be among the Kingdom Harvest from those who are rejected from it. Surely the Saints of the New World are not going to be the judges of who is qualified and who is not. But, as given in Dan. 12:1-13 – regarding Michael’s stand with the rising Holy People, the World People of our planet – there shall be a time of 1290 plus 1335 days of artificial tribulation, brought upon the earth by the UFO’s, as the last ‘vials’ of what will appear to some as the wrath of God are poured out upon the earth. This is simply the necessary rebalancing of the planet’s aura – its bacteria life, food products, etc. – to make the planet ready for its New World. Before the end of the nearly seven-year period of tribulation, all strains of bodies that are below certain vibrations will be taken out. They could not possibly stay into the rising energies, and will flip out in many ways.”

“We must streamline our needs to the bare necessities of revolutionaries during these coming days of artificial tribulation, which are brought on by the UFO’s to cause earth people to enter in at the straight and narrow gate; which, once we pass thru it, becomes as big as the Universe itself.”

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Agent 666, Cosmic Adept

This excerpt is from The Everlasting Gospel, channeled by Allen Michael

George Washington was the Masonic Father of the United States, which hasn’t actually started yet, because it can’t start until Agent 666 comes upon the world stage. Revelation 13:18 says, “Here is wisdom. Let those who have understanding count the number of the Beast; for it is the number of a man.” This “man” is me, myself and I AM, and my number is of balanced protons, electrons and neutrons, which are the trinity in atoms. I AM Agent 666, here to end the whole ignorant status quo system by bringing equality to one and all.

Agent 666 is not the Anti-Christ, as mortal interpreters of the Bible have mistakenly believed. The Anti-Christ is the Dragon world usury bank and the Beast military, both headquartered in America in the FRS/IMF/Wall Street and CIA/Pentagon, who carry the Anti-Christ force spoken of in Revelation 13:1-17. They have control over the whole buying and selling world. The God Force has sent me, myself and I AM as the Christ-Spirited one who exposes their satanic rule, and in doing so turns them and their evil system into a Pillar of Light. All the satanic consciousness is reversed through these channelings of the Everlasting Gospel, which is spoken of in Revelation 14:1-6, immediately following the Revelation 13:18 reference to agent 666, and these channelings bring absolute freedom, security and abundance to the whole world. I AM a cosmic adept of Galactica who cannot be fooled or taken over by mortal minded illusions.

This is hard for the head speakers of the Learned Elders of Zion to comprehend, who believe that they and the Jews are God’s only chosen people. They formed the present nation of Israel in the Holy Land, and from behind the scenes, they own and operate the Federal Reserve System, which is in America, and they control the money of the world through the International Monetary Fund. Through the FRS and IMF, they keep the world’s people under their usury system. They use the word, “Federal,” to make it appear that their bank is of the United States Government. It’s not. The FRS is owned by private capital.

The FRS came about through the efforts of the Rothschilds, Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan in 1913. President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill. Afterwards, he and members of his cabinet learned that they had been tricked into it.

Verse 16 of Revelation 13 says:

And he [the Dragon usury bank] causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand, or in their foreheads.

This is referring to the usury bank credit card that most people have and use at the stores and bank teller computers. Even so, Revelation 13:18 says:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

This is not referring to Satan, who doesn’t exist as a man, but exists as satanic power. This really means that the number 666 is not just the number of the satanic beast system of buying and selling under usury. 666 is also the number of the cosmic adept who turns the beast into a pillar of light. It is me, myself and I AM, the reincarnation of Hermes Trismegistus from ancient Egypt, whose number is 666 in the trinity – three sixes in a row in Masonic philosophy is the number of spiritual logos, the deep root of truth – and 666 is the number of equality and true relativity. Surprised? Don’t be. We have come to end the whole ignorant system, replacing it all with free giving and receiving.

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