The New World Calendar

Why do we need a New World Calendar?

spacer12:12:12You could say the Gregorian calendar was designed to obscure the moon. Notice the months are not aligned with true moon phases and the weeks are not aligned with true quarter moons. It was also designed to empower the usury money system. In fact the word calendar derives from L. calendarium “account book,” from calendae/kalendae “calends” the first day of the Roman month, when debts fell due and accounts were reckoned.  Our ritual use of this calendar has served to reinforce a society that is in seeming ignorance of natural life cycles, if that were possible.
The New World Calendar serves to realign us with our natural connection to Source by bringing the solar (pingala) and lunar (ida) energies back into conscious balance (shoshumna), giving us a yogic foundation for:

  • Right cultivation of creative/sexual energies; including conscious birth control techniques and tantric healing relations.
  • Right cultivation of vital food and natural medicines thru bio-dynamic gardening in alignment with Mother Nature’s growth cycles.

The New World Calendar is practical because it is based on observable, felt cycles; not simply a detached astrological concept or imposed mathematical order. It is rooted in these important, observable phenomenon:


There are 8 directions in the magnetic field of earth

The neap tide cycle is what defines the daily (or circadian) rhythms of life. It is based upon the magnetic field of earth having 8 cardinal (yang) and semi-cardinal (yin) directions in her magnetic field. This is borne out by the research of french statistician Michel Gauquelin who was the first to prove that there are scientifically verifiable astrological influences. He found that the amount of influence of any given planet, constellation, etc. is totally dependent upon which of the 8 directions it is entering thru. See the illustration of earth from above the north pole. The overlay is a graph based on Gauquelin’s statistical studies. Notice that the “plus zones” (where planets have increased influence on tides, bodies of water, etc.) are near the cardinal directions, and the “minus zones” (where influence is diminished) are on semi-cardinal directions.

This quality of the earth’s magnetic field or ‘aura’ is also verified by the channelings of Edgar Cayce who said that planets on the cardinal directions, especially the east (ascendant) and south (mid-heaven), at the time of birth, tell the most about a person’s recent sojourns between lives.

This 8 house system has been observed since pre-history in Egypt, was know as the Octotopos in Greece, the Tri-grams of Feng Shui in China, Vastu in the Vedas and the 8 “watches of the day” in Shakespeare’s time. But the 8-Directions have been obscured thru the relatively recent 12 house system of western astrology, a concept that totally turns observable astrology on its head, having the 10th house (capricorn/winter) on the mid-heaven (high noon), and the (cancer/summer) 4th house on the north (midnight) directions, respectively.

The New World Day = 8 Watches – This is why the New World Calendar breaks up the day into 8 three hour watches. When we plan our daily rituals by the watches, we break the old world paradigms around hourly wages, time clocks, etc. and we set up our days in communion with the tidal matrix built into the earth’s aura.


The circadian cycle establishes the 8 phases of the moon

Another little know fact is that the alignments (and mis-alignments) of the sun and moon along these 8 directions is what gives the moon cycle it’s 8 distinct cardinal and semi-cardinal phases. When the sun and moon are conjunct (new moon), in square (quarter moon) and in opposition (full moon), they are always felt with their power simultaneously entering the magnetic field and their influence is doubled. This is why the cardinal phases are more yang and intensified. When the sun and moon are at 45 degree angles (crescent and gibbeous moons) their energies are felt either one or the other every 3 hours as they enter the 8 directions, and their influence is separated. This is why the semi-cardinal phases are muted and more yin in their quality.

The New World Week = 7+ Days – This brings us to the main feature of our New World Calendar and what makes it such a uniquely transformative way of observing time: we align our weeks with the cardinal phases of the moon, so we can ride these waves of energy. This way our primary and most regular ritual holiday: the weekend (sabbath or Shabbat) is always on a cardinal phase of the moon. In order to keep the weekend aligned with the moon, we add an extra “Green Day” (just as we add a Blue Moon every few years to make the moons realign with the year) to the end of our weekend once or twice a month to stay in alignment with our moon cycle. The 7 day week is still held as sacred (the sanctity of the “7 days of Creation” is the main reason the Catholic Church resisted calendar reform), but now we finally free ourselves from this most rigid, limiting aspect of the old world calendar by giving it some breathing room and honoring the moon cycle as sacrosanct to life on earth.


The moons are defined by the seasonal growth cycle

The old world calendar follows imposed, irregular “months” in order to fit 12 in a year. This ultimately serves to reinforce a “solar-centric” world order in complete ignorance of the moon’s governance of all life cycles on earth. This has served to detach people from their natural birth-right to cultivate their food and community with the moon cycle, as well as to develop healing practices through tantra yoga and ancestral rituals.

The New World Year = 12+ Moons – Our New World Calendar follows the observable, felt cycle of the moon. And, practically speaking, there are 12+ moons per year.

Many cultures have names for the 12 moons of the year  as well as a 13th “Blue Moon” added as needed to keep it all in alignment with the seasonal cycles. This is the structure of the solar-lunar calendars, including the Essenes’, who were the master gardeners and healers of their time.


The old world calendar doesn’t consider the equinoxes, solstices or cross-quarter days as holidays, even though these are the main points of the earth’s seasonal alignment with the sun and, thru the procession of the equinoxes, with the 12 Galactic constellations/archetypes/ages. The event known as “2012” (actually a window of several years) is an alignment of the earth’s winter solstice sun with the Galactic Center, creating an axis of energy that serves as a birth canal for our New World to be born.

The Galactic Age is Here, Now – What better time to start a new way of dealing with time: as growth cycles! Since we are on a ‘healing planet’ and it will be our karmic duty and our yoga to rebuild the earth in a sustainable and balanced way, we can get a jump start now by joining with our friends and family in sharing a new way of living where time is no longer simply valued as money, but is valued as a way to serve in alignment with Mother Nature and bring abundance to our extended family of souls!


To receive your own copy of this coming year’s New World Calendar, simply donate $10-20 to this cause, include your address, and I will ship it out by the next new moon.


  • Includes Gregorian dates for ease of use.
  • Adds Green Days and Blue Moons as needed.
  • Covers 13 Moons from shipping date.
  • Shows moon phases, solstices & equinoxes in Pacific Standard Time.
  • 8.5″ x 11″ size fits most binders/covers.

Here is an example of one moon/month:

The Temple at Harbin Hot Springs was originally, and with the support of the Harbin community, inaugurated with a calendar based on these principles. As we transition out of the old world of ‘time as money’ into our sparkling New World based on natural living and sharing, progressive communities like Harbin are more and more able and willing to make a stand for this yogic way of scheduling ritual activities and communions.

Blessings in Eternity!

– Minister Gabriel

About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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2 Responses to The New World Calendar

  1. Alfie says:

    I was interested to read your attitudes to a lunar calendar, and indeed have for some time been interested in the divorce of the western world from the natural cycles of nature. However, depending on which part of the earth we live on, we would need a lunar calendar to relate to it. Consequently, even with the horrible gregorian calendar of the western world, the time line puts us a day out, which also affects astrological readings. Myself as a scorpio would be quite different if read from different time lines I think. Anyway, that’s my view, an aged 71 view! Kindest regards, Alfie

    • Gabriel Ash says:

      Hi Alfie, sorry for delayed response, for some reason I didn’t get notification of your comment. Yes, each time zone would be relative to its current observable phase. Can you please describe more of what you mean by timelines being out? ~ Gabriel

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