The Master Plan

Spirit God’s Master Plan

There is only one way to spiritually offset and transmute the heavy old-world karma as it comes up now to be healed, and it’s clearly spelled out in the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael, where it is described as a World Wide Work Stoppage-Karma Yoga Exercise (WWWS-KYE), a World Wide Passive Resistance Movement (WWPRM),  a World Wide Buyers’ Strike (WWBS), etc. All of these detail what is known as “The Master Plan.” Great luminaries such as Christ Jesus, Ghandi, etc. have all demonstrated the power of organized passive resistance-civil disobedience in order to prepare us now to fulfill our world wide movement of, by and for the People.

The stage is finally set for us to rise up between the forces of anti-thesis (capitalism) and thesis (socialism) to bring in the Synthesis (true Communal Democracy) world wide. We have finally laid the last technological cornerstone needed to unify the World People, thru the World Wide Web, to share this abundant planet and take care of all souls in bodies here on one high standard of living. The only question remaining is: how do we ‘throw the money changers out of the temple’ once and for all and reclaim all goods, services and energies as the common property of the People? The answer is actually quite simple:

A World Wide Work Stoppage-Karma Yoga Exercise

The “WWWS-KYE” (or “whiz-key” as a communal elder once called it) is the yogic way to spiritually offset and transmute all the heavy old world karma as it comes up to be healed now. It all happens when a critical mass of us are signed on to set the day for our World Wide Passive Resistance Movement.

On our chosen day, here is what we agree to do:

  • Stop Working – we stop working for paychecks and wages under the usury thumb of the money changers, and in one fell swoop we throw out the old capital wealth system held in place by monetary controls.
  • Start Serving – we continue serving the collective of the World People, keeping the essential services and supplies rolling. Karma yoga, or love services done without thought of remuneration, is the best way to transmute the heavy old world karma.
  • Stop Using Money – We finally get rid of money (“GROM”), recognizing it as an obsolete medium that has legal and usury controls attached which actually create all the social ills. To heal the effects, we must remove the cause.
  • Start Sharing – we set up the ways and means for complete and equitable sharing among the World People. Our distribution system is set up thru the internet, keeping the free giving and receiving of goods and services in perfect, ecological balance.
  • End Non-Essential Jobs – things that are not essential to the building of our New World, and all that is superfluous to our natural economy, will fall out of the picture. The huge number of people that work in useless, paper-pushing jobs will be given a rejuvenating break and then come back and serve in our essential industries like gardening, etc.
  • Set Up a World People’s Emergency Government –  until the proper foundation is laid, we establish an Emergency (emerge and see!) Government, which has its headquarters in a renewed United Nations. Locally, we set up food kitchens in every church and temple, making sure everyone has their basic needs thru the transition.
  • Unite With the Soldiers – And we finally bring all military and police officers into our union of the World People as Universal Soldiers who only defend universal human rights and no longer take orders to kill and be killed for secular governments and leaders.

If you find yourself resonating with this and are ready to get “on board,” please “like” this and “share” it with your friends. Let’s get our critical mass together now so we can name the date as soon as possible!

~ Yours in service, Gabriel

Here’s a skit on how we might share this with our friends when they ask:

What is the Master Plan?

It’s World Wide…

What’s world wide?

Our Work Stoppage…

You mean a strike?

A World Wide Buyers’ Strike, where we all simply STOP working for money.

What about everyone’s needs, the necessities of life?

We keep them going by occupying the industries and services we already run, only no longer for wages!

Sounds like civil disobedience.

More like passive resistance, but where we actively keep the supply lines going and reclaim ownership of all resources in the name of the World People.

Like Jesus throwing the money-changers out of the temple?

But non-violently. We occupy our positions in society as Karma Yogis, where we serve without thought of remuneration and “give according to ability…”

How do we keep track of who gets what?

To transition into our world-wide communal democracy – of, by and for the People – we create an Emergency World Government that is totally of, by and for the People. We elect a Council of 12 world leaders who are mandated with distributing  all of the necessities of life “to each according to need…”

What about the ruling class, the 4% who “own” it all? Will they take this lying down?

They have to join in or be left behind, as “no wheel turns nor profit be made except the workers make it so.” Old world laws are removed from the books as we instate a World Bill of Rights for all humanity; and all property, materials and energies are reclaimed as the common property of God’s People.

What about all the outstanding debt and deficit plaguing the people?

All this false debt is forgiven world-wide, in one fell swoop!

No more ownership? Does this mean we don’t get to have our own home or things?

The Master Plan offers us each “one place of our choosing to call our own and the freedom to come and go in the world, staying at any dwelling place accommodating travelers.” Other than personal needs and items, all the rest is stewarded by the natural leaders in all areas of society.

So we will have time to travel?

We transition into a “30/30 Plan” where each of us serves for one moon and then vacations for one moon. This brings a healthy balance to the giving and receiving in our lives.

But will this be enough to supply all our needs?

Because we eliminate all the useless jobs, planned obsolescence and wastefulness, we are finally able to set up the ways and means of right-use-ness of materials and (free) energies that bring us all up to One high standard of living.

Wow! And all because we get rid of the wasteful capital wealth system?

You got it! And it is all fun – a world celebration where we rejoin our eternal family of friends and build a Heaven on Earth!

When do we start!


Share this with your friends. “Like” this and let your voice count as we gather a “critical mass” who are willing to “name the date” for our World Wide Work Stoppage-Karma Yoga Exercise (the “whiz-key!”). It is only a matter of time before sharing comes in world-wide. Why not offset the heavy karma – the useless bloodshed and destruction of property that would occur otherwise – by practicing karma yoga now!

How can we prepare locally for the transition?

By starting communal groups with people you are “on vibration with,” start holding things common (share one bank account) and build up a healthy “communal aura”. Start to share your daily bread! OK, to recap: It’s a World Wide what?

Work Stoppage!

Which is replaced by what?

Love as Service Done!

And it’s a Karma what?

Yoga Exercise!

And when do we start?


About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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  1. Bruce says:

    Brother Gabe

    I’m callin’ it The Global Trance ~~~*

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  5. High gabe and it seems you have done some editing yourself from the original text and the verbage on zionism is a bit in need of refinement with the historical mission of financing the 1800 s the industrial revolution and most all wars were financed by them and their cohorts. Yet modern day jewish peoplel have but little knowledge or understanding of israel and the historical mission of their people. understanding antipas is need and this means passed over for a time and then leaves as he was at the end of world war two, he went to the astral plane of a solar system yet being delevered. there are three more after this one to redeem. paul of texas is trying to expose the frs as a private bank that needs auditing, the big thing is that they are never audited by governmental agencies or the private banks. they finandc the panama canal and the suez canal gaurantteeing shipping to go through zion currency and trade agreements and letters of credit and the world was immature in the 18 00s and ever after world war two, the world never grew up.

    • hi Michael, yes i have edited for clarity when called. people seem to feel antipas, ‘the Lord’s faithful martyr,’ has made a comeback with Trump. there were some ceremonies intended to clear that secular energy from the Panama canal they may have freed up the blocked energy there. the true IS REAL people have gone forth among all the people of the planet and will stand when the idea who’s time has come and cannot be stopped makes itself known

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