The New Jerusalem

The EG on the New Jerusalem Mothership

From the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael

The ‘Woman Giving Birth to a New World Child’

Revelation 12:1-5 tells of a great wonder that appears in the heavens and makes contact with all the people. It is depicted as a woman giving birth to a child. She is clothed with the sun, has the moon under her feet, and wears a crown of twelve stars. The moon regulates the life cycles on earth and orbits between the astral and etheric heavens. The great wonder is the New Jerusalem Mothership of the Galactic Command, which brings “Michael’s stand” and also supports the things that are “done for Jesus’s name’s sake.” This expression in the Bible means that we are to do the things that Jesus is popular for, such as communalism, forgiveness and turning the other cheek. We are also to do the thing which Jesus is unpopular for, which got him crucified; namely, putting the money changers out of the world temple. Except we will do it through forgiveness and without any force or violence. We of the the elect are starting forgiveness now, and we will influence the police and soldiers and all people to join together and start forgiveness also, which is long past overdue. (The New World Bible: Book 7/Page 12)

Many have dreamed about a world utopia that Spirit God would bring, and all our tears would be wiped away. Well, it’s coming about now right before our eyes, as the yin and yang forces on the planet, the left and right wings, synthesize together to end private property and the system of getting-for-self. There will be no more war, crime, disease, poverty or mortal death. The New Jerusalem Galactic Mothership comes down from God out of heaven (from space), Revelation 21:1-3, and goes into orbit about the new Earth – which, in Galactica, is called Placentia, planet of plenty and rebirth. (5/11)

A ‘Bride Adorned for the Bride-groom’

The culminating event is the arrival of the New Jerusalem Mothership (Revelation 21:1-5), coming in to orbit the planet, descending “as a bride adorned for her husband,” ushering in “a new heaven and a new earth” by infusing all life with the uplifting truth of God’s Holy Spirit and creating a world abundantly rich in all things for all people to share. The arrival here of the New Jerusalem causes the planet’s aura to flash into higher consciousness, ushering in a utopian space age paradise. (4/9)

A Gift From the Great Central Sun

Altamedia and Altamira are the first two of twenty four Galactic Worlds in close orbit around the Great Central Sun, and include the headquarters of the Galactic Elohim assigned to set up this planet as a special healing station. These cosmic civilizations are all in perfect attunement with the 12th density consciousness of the Universal Mind. These worlds are where the Galactic Mothership New Jerusalem was created. The New Jerusalem is about ten miles in diameter by a half mile high, and can be inhabited by more than a million Beings. This spaceship is truly a wonder to behold! This spaceship is one of God’s gifts to the people of this planet, part of the blessings that come with Its Kingdom. (3/4)

Spiritual Luminaries On Board

The entity who was called Jesus Christ is the head of the Solar Tribunal’s group on spiritual assignment here. His group would play the role of operating closer to earth people’s 7th density consciousness in their communications during this long period of grace, leading up to this time when the actual movement to build a new world blossoms forth. He, along with many other spiritual luminaries from the past, will return on board the New Jerusalem. (2/7)

World Government Headquarters & Healing Center

The New Jerusalem will be the headquarters of our new world-wide communal government, which is also autonomous self-government. (12/3)

The New Jerusalem spaceship will soon come into orbit about the new Placentia. It has several thousand shuttle craft to send down to pick up many people for a visit in their Autonomous New World Government headquarters. This is all scheduled through the computers of the World Wide Web. Computers and the Internet are the new thing that sets the people free and eliminates all the hassles of this old world. (10/4)

Our new world government headquarters will be in the New Jerusalem, the Galactic Mothership that comes down from God out of heaven (space), and into orbit about the New Placentia (Revelation 21:1-3). It has thousands of shuttle craft, which will come to airports all over the world and pick up a million people at a time, taking them up to the New Jerusalem for a seminar of healing body and soul. It has a great Tantric Yoga Love Spa, in which females and males learn how to make love. The old marriage system ends! The great spaceship has a body-growing nova in it so that, first off, people in deformed bodies can get a new body of their choice, either male or female. People are shown how, as a soul, they can be taken out of their body, which is then dematerialized, and put into a new body. In this way the body strain will be returned to normal, and death shall be no more. (3/2)

This great space city, the New Jerusalem, is 10 miles in diameter by 1/2 mile high. It will hold over a million people at a time, who will be automatically selected to go there for visits. Spaceships will come for them at rendezvous points and take them up for a visit, where they will experience many new things. For example, they will see how an entity can be taken out of an injured or diseased body and put in a new one. This, of course, will overcome what the people experience as physical death. These things will be done in alpha/beta and gamma light, where we can see the entity come out of the sick or injured body and enter into a new body. (12/2)

The New Jerusalem has a body-growing nova in it, so to start with, those entities in crippled, deformed or chronically ill bodies can be brought up to our new Galactic Headquarters, taken out of their old body and put in a new body, just like those who were colonized here in the Pyramid Temple Communities, which were perfect and beautiful. Their old body is then dematerialized. (10/4)

The New Jerusalem has a body-growing nova in it, which can produce physical bodies to replace those that have been badly damaged by their occupants. People will go up to the ship for a seminar in eternity, and return with a whole new body form in which to continue their life. The relativity of each soul’s aura, your etheric computer light-body, is that its
consciousness and energy overall is the same as it is in the planet’s aura. So, at this great time of transformation we are not just trying to purify ourself as individuals any longer, to be returned to normal eternal Universe. It’s really about being one for all and all for one, so that everyone can be redeemed. (8/2)

The Galactic Internet and World Media

Through the New Jerusalem, we will all be connected to the Galactic Internet, the life-matrix of Universe itself, with 4-D instantaneous access to anywhere and anything in the Universe, with your mind in perfect telepathic synchronicity. (1/21)

The New Jerusalem takes over world television and starts to broadcast live video feeds from eternity. These broadcasts will show life in other planets and views of the huge Galactic planets that are in close orbit to the Great Central Sun, and then, further out, the billions of solar systems that orbit the Great Central Sun of this Immaculaceptor Galaxy. Further still, we see endless numbers of Galaxies filling all Creation. Live video feeds from Galactica will be more real news, information and entertainment than people can now imagine. (12/1)

Cleansing of the Akashia

As the planet’s aura, our collective computer mind bank, gives up its hell, so to speak, then there will only be positive soul force in our space. The world will be only of joy and spiritual truth. Over a million people at a time will visit Spirit God’s great city, the New Jerusalem, when it comes into orbit about our planet, inspiring everyone to get their consciousness into ultimate-unlimited mind clairvoyance (Revelation 21:1-5 and St. Matthew 24:30-31). We are not to wait for this colossal event to happen. It will happen automatically when the vibrations are high enough to deliver the most souls. When it comes, then all things are finalized.

ETI contact ends the satanic power by acting to fission it out of space as the New Jerusalem enters into the planet’s aura. The nuclear weapons and waste will be taken up by spaceships and exploded harmlessly in the lower astral plane, which is the repository of satanic power in the form of anti-matter. This contact of atomic matter and anti-matter neutralizes all satanic power, which will no longer exist to animate the people. Plus, in one clean move the planet is disarmed of all nuclear weapons. This demonstration will all be explained in advance to the people. It will cause the immediate disarmament of all armies on the planet. Peace will reign at last – real peace, based on holding all things common.

The Cosmic Initiation

Once the new communal way of living is established worldwide, and at just the right moment, the New Jerusalem Mothership comes into orbit about the planet as it tells in Revelation 21:1-5, keying off the cosmic initiation of the souls here into the higher Universal Christ Consciousness energies of eternity. It brings a new heaven as well as a new earth. A new heaven means the planet’s aura will be cleansed of its past, all the old thought below the new vibration erased. But because humanity will have been reoriented in consciousness by recording new thought through First Cause love services in the World Master Plan, most of the souls here will cross over when this quantum leap happens. The chaff will have removed themselves from the planet during the karmic cleansing that is under way now, which precedes full contact. (2/6)

With the arrival of the New Jerusalem Mothership, this world will make a great quantum leap in consciousness, as the full 12 dimensions of consciousness begin to open up in people’s awareness. The Communal Synthesis world comes into being as a natural consequence. All of the old 7th density dualistic world has had to be the way it has been to get us up to this point, where we reconnect with 12th density Galactica. (4/20)


UPDATED 11/20/11:

The greater plans are that… when the US will have been transformed by this fantastic Master Plan, that the US and USSR scientists, and the scientists of all nations, will be taking cruises about our solar system to see the other planets firsthand in a great Mother Ship of the GCSC designed for such purposes. It’s a space city designed to carry 10,000 people, having comfortable quarters for all, luxurious dining halls, a fantastic opera house, concert hall and light shows all built in to create the kind of pageantry that the wonderful Creative Intelligence of our Universe is imagining for all of us. The Great Mother Ship is the City of God lowered down to the earth, so that earth people might see the joy that is theirs now in Universal Living. The Mother Ship is a gift, presented to the World Israelites for their great task completed, from the people of the Galactic Worlds, and dedicated by the Archangel Michael. The great ship has a super light show and psychedelic bar, a place where men and women can come together as pairs on natural selection vibrations, and they can attend the ‘tantric yoga rooms’ where they learn the higher meaning of sexual living and loving experiences. Our bodies are instruments, and nature’s potions are the tuning forks, so to speak, that put us into the mood or consciousness that we need to get the full realizations out of whatever higher creativity we are in. Natural psychedelics are mind foods, and not drugs as many people of the earth who are fearful of them still think. – To the Youth of the World 138

About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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