Occupy Goods & Services

Occupy Goods & Services

Not many people know this, but the Occupy Movement was prophesied in the channelings of the Everlasting Gospel as early as 1972. One of my communal brothers has been getting in with the Occupy Movement and he reminded me how it dovetails in with our World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise, Spirit God’s Master Plan for creating Heaven on Earth now. So I have compiled relevant passages from the following volumes of the EG in order to share them with you here as we raise our collective energies this Spring and Summer of 2012. And as we organize through the web, all that remains is for us to name the day as a Unified World People!

All excerpts are from the following volumes of the Everlasting Gospel as channeled by Allen Michael (click on link for PDF).

[Note: bracketed text are my additions]

The Occupy Movement as Given in the Everlasting Gospel

The World Temple

The temple from which the money changers were driven was symbolic of the world, where the money changers continue to do their thing for their own secular profits. And of this, we can see that they do not really mean to be money changers; but that they are subject to capital wealth created by the secular trips of all people. And it is yet traditional in the Gentile [under the effects of usury] nations for all the people to do their secular thing. But wake up people! A new way of distributing goods and services has arrived that’s a thousand times more efficient, human, and in congress with our true nature than the buying and selling of merchandise to earn money to live a secular life.

This is the great time of times when the Kingdom of God is to be declared over all the earth, when the Saints shall come marching in to occupy the whole world and transform it into social schools of creative experiences, when the World People begin to express their creativity to supply their daily needs thru the New World system of giving and receiving, which is free of religious and political status quo ties. The poor people who buy and sell are the effects of capital wealth, and capital wealth is the error of all people who are yet under its illusions. (To the Youth of the World, p.12)

They have yet to realize the military is at its end now all over the world, and also the old legal system, and, as we see, “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.” Finally, of course, they have their satanic money games to enslave the people,with everyone in hock to the money changers who still occupy the world’s temple. All this is coming to an end, as the beginning of the new world is now under way. With Spirit God’s help we shall turn all satanic forces into a pillar of light, and we do it with forgiveness for everyone. (Book 1, p.15)

The World Communist Movement

The church of the Uni-Godhead has risen out of the people, and whether anyone likes it or not, it is self-evident and is the World Communist Movement. The world is already potentially delivered in their hands. When ETI space beings show the whole world, which they soon will, that they have control over all nuclear weapons, then those under the cyborg beast of capitalistic effects will see that they can no longer create an army to stop Christ Communism [as taught in Acts 4:32-35]. Their nuclear weapons will only be used on themselves. With the fear of nuclear war gone, the great Army of Israel that keeps rising out of the democratic people of every nation can easily take over the world – not to politically socialize it, but to occupy every institution and industry and convert them into communes. Thousands of new office buildings will be vacant because business as usual ends. They can be converted into communal living quarters and recreational centers for the people.

Occupy Churches

A good place to start unity is in the churches. The churches belong to the people and to the Uni-Godhead. So all people need to do is go into their neighborhood church with the Everlasting Gospel – the book that fulfills all religions and their Bibles – and set up food conspiracies. Begin to raise free food on every available patch of land. You will be the government of the Uni-Godhead that’s in your hearts and heads. Begin to make plans for half the people to start traveling over the world to help other people in need. (UFO-ETI World Master Plan, p.88-89)

People in churches and temples are supposed to be accomplishing the Christ things. They can’t, though, until they have actual projects going that liberate their people from the Babylon world of usury and coveting. Small business people and professional people make up the mainstay of most church and temple congregations. They can all read what Jesus says in Acts 4:32-35 about becoming a commune, and they can read in St. Matt. 21:33-40 what Jesus tells will happen to those ‘ungrateful husbandmen’ who try to go on with private property and private money after the Lord has come in secret and given the EG’s World Master Plan. The Lord, so to speak, can favor no one. All people are judged by the law of the Uni-Godhead. Which is to say, they are judged by whatever judgement they put upon people and property. (UFO-ETI World Master Plan, p.52)

The Role of the Demagogues

The CIA demagogues are just acting out a part. They don’t really care whether they win or lose and do not even know the difference. They are just programmed into what may seem like adventurous parts to them, and they just go on playing out their roles (which really amounts to the tripping up of the people who lag behind because they depend upon governments to make policy for them).

There is man’s kind of government, in which he simply plays with material tinker-toys. There is Universal government. And the Uni-Godhead does not play games, but thru eternity has been known by trillions upon trillions of righteous beings throughout the Universal Family to operate an omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Universe.
As our purpose is to change people, and at the same time set up the right kind of social environment in which people can be free and have real security and abundance, naturally we are not going to fight with the so-called bad guys.

The CIA guys and gals will set up the war games for those who want to fight wars, and the World Army of Israel [Is Real World People who are of all tribes and nations now] will be on hand to occupy all the territories after those who fight have killed themselves. What better way is there to rid the world of persons who will fight for illusions? Now, you know very well that I’m not the kind of general [Archangel Michael] that tries to get a paper peace signed by men. It isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. The peace that is everlasting comes because there is no one left who would fight for any secular gain. (ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings, p.28-29)

Universal Communism

Free enterprise industries, and most US people, however, are ready for a change bigger than socialism; a change as big as Universal Communism. Even if the whole world were socialist, communism still couldn’t come into being. The time when true Universal Communism can be brought about is during this time of world conflict. Were the world to level off into a thousand years of socialist peace, it would be a forced peace, and still no true communism would come. To get into the PSI synthesis energies that ETI is in, and to comprehend the high beings’ action, we must see that their action is directed to clean up the whole planet now and make all things perfect here for a completely new New World Order. ETI will cause the World Communist Movement to direct the occupying of the whole planet, and to set all things up just like this World Master Plan tells things will be. (UFO-ETI World Master Plan, P.38)

Christ Communists [the communal people of the world anointed in the Christ spirit of oneness] are succeeding because they have basic economic ideas that conform to the natural law of supply and demand; which, when fulfilled, brings abundance to everyone and liberates people from usury money. Communism was born out of the people who have been struggling under a usury system where the people had to borrow money at interest rates. This could never deliver them into their New World, but was only a temporary measure until some people saw this error in economics and brought about a world movement [occupy goods & services] that would correct it. Let us keep in mind that, in this kind of an overcoming planetary project set up by ETI, the Communists couldn’t win the world unless the CIA provoked situations that forced them to occupy territories. Now the world people, thru the EG’s World Master Plan, have the splendid opportunity to stop the Last War for the World before it starts and bring in the New Age now by applying right-use-ness to all material things. (ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings, p.72)

The Problem with Zionism

This [last war for the world] takes place in the Middle East war, in the ETI karmic cleansing of that territory, which creates the opportunity for Christ Communists to occupy that whole part of the world. There are already strong communist movements going on in Arabia, Egypt and Zionist Israel. The Lord does not order their judgement, but it comes as the result of their own stubbornness in plowing on in the face of sure disaster, vainly believing that their God ideal is going to turn the victory over to them. The problem with Zionism is that their nation falls apart without money. And this is where the CIA comes in. The CIA didn’t begin in 1947; it began long ago when the Israel family lost the throne to the Judah family. Since then the Hebrews have been divided, contesting for the illusion of the world throne as the chosen people. I tell the Zionists that in Ezekiel 35:1-15, the “judgement against mount Seir” is telling what befalls the Israeli-Zionists in the coming Armageddon. They should see this not as God’s judgement come upon them, but as the precarious position that fate has cast them into. Which do they choose, to rally with Emmanuel now or to try and have their own throne of David? What all Israel people lack is the economic system through which the sharing of all things can come. In choosing to create this with me, they can choose that which blesses all people, instead of playing out the role that fate has in store for them.  (ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings, p.74)

The World People shall unite with me [Michael] and the 144,000 now to carry out a fantastic, realistic, altruistic World Wide Passive Resistance Movement to offset the Last War for the World, if it comes to that, in which the World Communists, out of necessity, will be forced to occupy every industry and institution on the planet and set them up communally. (ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings, p.28)

It Takes Nerves of Steel

It’s really a “do or die” situation. No one can say, “Well, it all sounds good; but I’m not into the doing of it, so I’ll wait until it comes and then join.” Sorry friend, you haven’t the kind of nerves of steel that it takes to look and then leap. Look around and let your eyes behold the New Age being born, and the coming of the New World Comforter who can lead the whole world into the wonderful things that are to come without further karmic cleansing. When things about you are cast in old superstitions and fears, it takes nerves of steel to go out and tell people how to build a heaven on earth. Absorb their fears and doubts, knowing that you are not talking in vain, but are sowing the mental seeds that will take root in the people who shall bring them about. Know your efforts are not in vain. (UFO-ETI World Master Plan, P.38)

All hangs in the balance! Communists cannot occupy territories until the social conditions in nations demand civil social action from the oppressed people. The oppression of the people is caused from old world economics that can’t maintain progress for all people. When the communists begin to truly communalize the territories they occupy, then all arguments and hard feelings will end against Communists. Everyone will have to admit they are doing what the Lord commanded of his elect. (UFO-ETI World Master Plan, p.52)

The Uni-Communists ride the white horse of the apocalypse; they have won a crown and go forth “conquering and to conquer” with only a bow, hammer and sickle. But they could not win the whole world in this kind of a project if it weren’t for the action of ETI space beings among them who are of the twelfth density and can create the contradictions, thru the CIA, that force the world into true Communism, leading the communists to occupy the whole planet according to the EG’s World Master Plan. (ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings, p.59)

The Mental Procedures for Occupiers

As the New World People of Israel begin now to form communes all over the world, here are the mental procedures you should follow if you are to stay up with the Saints, as we come marching in to occupy the whole world. At this time, all that is not essential to our New World will fall out of the picture. As you are stripped of all things and have put yourselves into total love services for all humanity, then you will begin to see exactly what the Sirens are that torment your heart and head. You will have completely reversed your consciousness back to normal and connected with the high PSI energies. But also, you will be mentally cognited with world karma: the negated energies in the earth’s aura, the mental seeds all people have helped to sow. If you make it over to the other side, you will have to keep remembering that your head is just a radio station and you are just listening. Do not panic when you go below certain vibrations, where your body is animated by thought forces that are opposite from the way your higher self tells you to go. What’s happening is that, as your higher body chakras are put to right use, all of the yin and yang radar signals that are now animating the bodies yet of the right and left wings – those of the antithesis and thesis – enter into your head/radio-station.

These are only some of the erroneous thoughts you are becoming clairvoyant of; so that you can speak in tongues to the left and right of subjects, and then pour on the synthesis. This right and left thought is not where it’s at, so you just listen to it and keep putting the right thought in place of it. The idea, therefore, is not to think that it’s your thinking and your guilt, and then judge yourself according to these feelings. You are now just opening up to that which is recorded in the earth’s aura and rising to receive high energies of the synthesis from the UM. You may be in the middle of a beautiful experience, and all of a sudden it turns into lust and hatred in your head. And you may have compulsions to even rob or defend, or even to take advantage of children, etc. At that moment, you could become hypnotized according to your guilt, and the negative vortex of satanic energies would carry out an overt act thru you.

This explains the reason why not many people have attacked the symbolic dragon, head on. They start down the road to discovery, and as they rise in consciousness, it’s like they have opened a sewer. And when they begin to see what’s in it, they are in a hurry to then scamper back to good old mundane securities, never to venture out again. Except nature has a way of tripping us up on her magic potions, and makes us go on a trip in spite of ourselves, for she knows what’s best for us.

Yet some of us must walk on thru the valley of the shadow of death, or else no one shall get to the other side and return to lead the people on thru their bad karma. Of this you can rejoice, for this is a specialty of the 144,000; and of myself in being a cosmic master of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is, of course, the echo of the Holy Spirit – or the same as those forces of the world who are antithesis versus thesis and are on either bank of the river of life, as Daniel explains in Dan. 12:1-13. (To the Youth of the World, p.80-81)

Nature’s Potions Become a Blessing

Nature’s potions will come forth to be a blessing to all humanity. Nature’s potions will be taken out of the hands of the status quo governments and placed into the intelligent hands of the people’s democratic institutions. This will not be done by laws. No group of deadpans is going to make decisions for the World People any longer. The people shall have their round table in every church and temple; and as our WWPRM grows, we will occupy the United Nations, the Pentagon, the White House, etc., simply because no one can fight against the truth in action. The real meaning of the round table is not the table in itself; but it is in the buildings, parks and gathering places where we shall have joyous and good times. Our whole celebration is the round table. The people will no longer be debating policy, but will all be into the activities of fulfilling the natural law of love services. (To the Youth of the World, p.312)

Additional Inspiration for Occupiers

I have included this full chapter from the New World Bible on the Master Plan:

Chapter 3 – Spirit God’s World Master Plan

The first part of the World Master Plan is the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise. Now, through positive action, it is Omni God’s plan to restore the soul power and life force on this planet. This is accomplished, not with an angry general strike, but by all people uniting through a totally new science of telepathic spiritual communion [with the help of the internet] with truth to produce the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise as a service to humanity.

With the WWWS/KYE, all the workers/producers stop working for wages, and instead occupy and operate only those industries we wish to keep going that produce the actual needs of the people. We begin to produce and distribute all vital things freely to everyone. All useless and superfluous things drop out of the picture. Right now, about 50% of the people’s labor goes into producing things which have no real value. Thus, the creative people of the new world that is coming about stop working for industrial owners and form the “Union” which Omni God tells about in Acts 4:32-35 – a world wide, sharing, communal economy of people holding all things common and making free distribution according to need.

Holding all things common and making free distribution according to need for all people is the Cornerstone of the new world. This has been Spirit God’s main goal all along. Jesus saith unto them,

“Did ye never read in the scriptures, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes? Therefore say I unto you, the kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.”

These verses are in St. Matthew 21:42-43. It is the great USSR Jesus is speaking of who laid the head of the corner; that is, they printed their own money, free of usury, bringing forth the fruits thereof through the workers because they held all their resources and industries in common. In this prophecy, the stone the builders rejected refers to the United States Founders who, in the years that followed the founding of the U.S., failed to bring forth free cash flow money, used only as a medium of exchange to build all things on one high standard for everyone. Thus, by their own hands was their kingdom taken from them.

US people didn’t do it right, nor did the USSR. The Soviets didn’t go all the way into true Communism, adding the idea of making free distribution to all people according to need. They stopped in halfway socialism, keeping the workers under wages and continuing to use a judiciary-penal system of punishment, which led to their undoing. Yet nothing is lost, and the real destiny of the US and USSR is to unite and lead the way in building a new world of Christ Communalism, with this Everlasting Gospel as their guiding light.

Will China, North Korea or Vietnam tell us what real Communism is and why they stay in limbo? Of course not. It is because the Lucifer World Bank, headquartered in America, controls trade between nations by allowing only FRS/IMF sanctioned money to be used. Now we end all that. This ending, in which “all families of the earth are blessed” (Genesis 12:3), takes place when the United States people end the Lucifer FRS/IMF Bank, cancel all debt all over the world and start to use only free cash flow money. This means replacing the FRS/IMF with a free cash flow money system that has no interest on money and no taxation. Everyone receives a free stipend each month to meet their needs, as the transition into the new world beyond money takes place.

We shall have a great world forum for 6 months to talk about this idea and get organized; listening to Spirit God’s channeling about it in our united dialogue, putting Its direction into causation with the great, purposeful energy of a united people behind it. Then the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise takes place all at once. We stop paying all bills, cancel all debts and declare everything free as we quickly get rid of money altogether.

On the first day of WWWS/KYE we agree to hold all things common and make free distribution according to need. We all agree to serve and be served in return. We agree to help, love and lift everyone regardless of what they have done. We agree to stop all useless industry, which serves no real need. We agree to each add our labor to the vital industry which supplies our real needs of food, clothing, shelter, care, transportation, communication, recreation and utility energies. We marshall all the forces of the planet to provide immediate and long term relief to all the impoverished souls facing starvation, disease and homelessness. We end war forever, and send all weapons to the smelter, to be turned into tools for living. (Book 5, p.9-11)

And we are blessed in Eternity!


About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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