Disclosure: Hollow Planets

Wow! Check out this most incredible visual imaging of the hollow earth (have patience with the poor translations) and be sure to read some of the amazing channelings from the EG about Hollow Planets below…

Relevant channelings from the Everlasting Gospel:

Everlasting Gospel Vol. 1

by Allen Michael

Book 2

In normal Universe, entities live on the inside of planets, which are hollow, with large openings at their poles. These worlds come equipped with a sun in the center, natural electricity, crystal-like habitats, running water, soil, fresh air, plants for food – in short, everything necessary to sustain life in eternal bodies, bodies which are all beautiful and in perfect health. Earthlings, however, are living on the outside of the planet because the natural habitat on the inside is ruined. p.13

Book 3

In the new galaxies, the planets, moons and suns grow in space. They are hollow and have large openings to their inside at their poles and a sun in their center. All life lives inside the planets, and spaceships come and go through the openings at the poles, and Beings travel all over the Universe under the direction of the Universal Mind. p.1

The planets, moons and suns, which grow in space, are all hollow and have large openings at their poles to the inside, with a sun in their center. Inside are wondrous natural environments along with all things needed to sustain life, which have all grown naturally. p.3

Book 4

In the Solar Catastrophe, the heat continued to rise until all the planets and moons were semi-molten lava, and the openings to the inside of the hollow planets and moons, which had suns in their centers, closed up, and the suns went dim. The lava floated out into the openings from all sides and sealed off the inside of the planets. p.23

Book 6

What happened in this Plentoria solar system that caused the short-circuiting of the alpha, beta energies of the trinity in this solar system, and caused all the hollow planets and moons to heat up to a cherry red and the large openings to the inside at their poles to close up? At that time, all the planets and moons were ready to go into the Lake of Fire told of in Revelation 20:14-15, which is the converging of the planets and moons into the sun. It all heats up to a liquid, and then explodes into gaseous clouds. This is the dematerializing in space of a solar sytem that has short-circuited when souls in body vehicles become Luciferic. This happened because of their belief that their body had a brain they should use to create things. They wanted to be special gods who had the power to rule over people. However, the Creation Entity stopped the dematerialization from happening, putting the whole solar system into a kind of suspended animation, which It has been maintaining over the last 6 million years. p.22

Actually, Creation has made the male and female bodies, in regards to their making love together, for the purpose of creating invisible ethereal clouds of plasmic love-energy which rise about them as the alpha/beta energies cross-catalyze in a natural way. Just as the Creation creates air to sustain all life, entities can create ethereal plasma that the Creation can use as fields in space, so it can grow new galaxies, new flowers that blossom out as hollow planets, and hollow moons as balancers, and hollow suns in the center of solar systems. The suns send out the alpha, beta and gamma rays that manifest such things as the colors of Creation’s blue skies and green grass. p.25

Book 8

Chapter 5 – Eternal Solar Systems

Planets and moons of solar systems grow in space in the forming of new galaxies. They are hollow with large openings at their poles, and all life lives on the inside. They have a sun in their center so the inside will fluoresce. Suns do not shine light on the surface of objects per se, rather their rays cause the surface of objects to fluoresce. This planet was made green on the outside so it would support life and could be a transformation place for about 24 billion microcosms who lost their eternal bodies in the Solar Catastrophe, caused when they went on mortal minded ego trips that in turn caused satanic power to manifest in the solar aura. This short-circuited the energies between the proton/electron poles of atoms, and the planets and moons in this Plentoria solar system heated up, and the atomic firestorm destroyed all life on their insides. In normal Universe the natural habitat inside the planet is magnificent and as clean as a house. On the outside, around the rims of the polar openings, there is ice stored for water. In the crust of the planet there is a complete water system of arteries which water the soil, from the bottom up. Also, there are gentle rain clouds which circulate on the inside and keep all the natural habitats and vegetation rinsed off, clean and watered. In the formative period of planets, before there is life in them, natural volcanoes create beautiful mountains, and clear lava runs about, creating translucent vessels to hold pools of warm water for bathing. Rivers run in formed stone channels and small and large lakes are in all areas. They’re all as clean and safe from unnatural chemicals as our dining room table should be! The use of gravity is magnificent in the way it holds things to the ground and creates balance in great towers of beautiful diamonds, rubies and sapphires, studded and trimmed in pure gold inside the planet. The outsides of planets look like the outside of an abalone shell. On the inside, all kinds of natural vegetation grows abundantly in fertile soil. There are beautiful flowers, fruit, vegetables and nut trees, and hardwood trees to be used in construction of hotels and recreation places, and all the marble and other kinds of stone that are used in construction – everything the Creation could imagine for the joy and happiness of the people! The fairytale stories that some scientists tell in science in regards to suns, that they are hot and burning hydrogen, just isn’t practical or true. In order to have universities where you go and get a degree in science, you have to have things to teach about science; however, these things are not the ultimate science that is coming to the earth now, as everything changes from hearsay to unlimited truth. We can blow a bubble in space and see that it forms in the shape of a sphere. Likewise, the ethereal body of solar systems and galaxies in space is shaped like a sphere. Seeing a great distance in space through an astronomer’s telescope, we don’t see the material objects themselves, but we see the ethereal light formations of energies which form and operate a spiral galaxy, which is in the shape of a disk. The reason we don’t actually see the billions of planets and moons is because telescope optics are made to see in a straight line instead of seeing into curved space. p.10-

Book 9

Chapter 1 – This is a Carlanon Planet

Billions of solar systems grow in the ethereal plasmic field of new galaxies, with their planets, moons and suns. The planets are hollow spheres with large openings to the inside at their poles, corresponding to their size. All the planets and moons have an electric light to light up the inside, which we could call a smaller sun. Life normally exists on the inside of planets. However, in this solar system, named Plentoria on ETI star maps, the inside habitats were ruined when the solar system short-circuited between its proton and electron poles, and semi-molten lava floated out into the openings, closing them off. Omni God stopped the full dematerialization of this solar system before it could go on into the lake of fire, as told of in Revelation 20:14-15. Omni God then sent the Galactic Elohim to this ruined solar system, and through them It cultivated the outside of this planet to support life, where souls could be redeemed, with a specially created Heavenly Abode of ethereal plasma to keep Its souls in between incarnations. Omni God works directly with the Galactic Elohim, who have the psychic power of ETI – Extra-Territorial Intelligence – in words that sound in space, to supply the living consciousness that helps nature to create the things that make life possible on the outside of this planet. This was necessary after the Solar Catastrophe, when Spirit God’s consciousness (PSI gamma energy) was completely baked out of the auras of all the planets and moons. So Creation set up special bases on the outside of this planet where there would be God consciousness to animate body and soul. This planet, like all others, is hollow beneath its mantle. All matter in space is weightless and is regulated by the balanced alpha, beta and gamma light rays. This planet is called a Carlanon planet, one that has been made green on the outside to support life. This was all done by Galactic space technology. Galactica has all the science there is, up through the 12th dimension, which is the complete Life Science of the Universe. p.1-

Book 10

Here is truth about life in normal Universe: The female and male bodies in tantric yoga love spas make love together, and out of this rises ethereal clouds of Bliss, which the Creation Entity gathers and forms into great fields, in which It grows a new Galaxy. Then, by the Creation Entity infusing them with Creative Life Force, the new galactic fields give birth to billions of suns, surrounded by planets that are all hollow and have openings at their poles, and a sun in their center. Further, there are body producing novas in space, and these cosmic suns give birth to zillions of human-like eternal bodies, that teleport to places where souls are gathered. The soul microcosms differentiate out of Macrocosm in the etheric honeycomb spaces of suns, then move to planets where they merge with bodies. The nature inside the planets grows beautiful things for bodies with souls incarnated into them, so they may live in the Creation’s luxury of everything imaginable that is utopian and is shared by everyone. You can see how beautiful and perfect it all is, operating as total oneness of all life. p.18

Book 11

All planets, moons and suns in the Universe grow in a field of ethereal plasma, created by souls in male and female bodies having tantric yoga sex together. The growing planets of a new Galaxy are hollow like a pumpkin. They have large openings into them at their poles and a sun in their center. In creating huge rooms, God would surely put a light bulb in them and a heater to keep the people warm, and would have air, water and good natural food to eat, to be healthy, wealthy and wise. p.20

About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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  1. Joseph Antaree says:

    Gabe, what you’re doing with extracting the EG channelings on important subjects is great. Keep it up. lsd, J

  2. Del Rainer says:

    Hi Gabe. Finally read this & it’s great that you’ve spread so much of the EG around. I’d love for all of us to be closer together. Maybe, some day.
    LSD Del

    • Hi Del. That sounds like a distinct possibility as Spirit reveals It’s plan for us thru these changes. Glad you can appreciate the EG even when most other’s would ignore it. The spiritual principles are enduring and the cybernetics of prophecy are a wonderful study!

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