Podcast: Contact With Galactica

Contact With Galactic – Episode #148 – The latest broadcast of Contact With Galactica with host Joseph Antaree offers a glimpse into the colorful and abundant history of the One World Family Commune.

About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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  1. Joseph Antaree says:

    Here is a statement of the spiritual tenets of the One World Family Commune: http://galactic.org/OWFC.pdf
    I assembled it from channelings by Allen Michael, with an intro by Del.

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