The Uni-Helix

The EG on the Uni-Helix

From the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael

A compilation of passages from To the Youth of the World (TTYOTW), ETI-Space Beings Intercept Earthlings (ETI-SBIE), and UFO-ETI World Master Plan (UFO-ETI-WMP). You can read more from the books of the Everlasting Gospel at Enjoy!

Our Communal Demonstration and the Uni-helix

In the One World Family Commune, in our little pilot model city and Uni-government, we have taken the present environment and molded it to our spiritual consciousness, to be right-on with the omnipresent Universal Mind broadcasting to us via the energies of the electromagnetic field about us. To mortal eyes our houses in Berkeley look just like other houses, our natural food restaurant looks just like other restaurants, and many people visiting our commune would go away saying: “Well, what’s so different about that? They buy and sell like anyone else. They eat, sleep, shower, dress, etc., like anyone does.” Those who can see only with mortal eyes cannot tune in to the vibrations thru which we do what we do. How did we get tuned in to the high PSI synthesis energies of time-light force, the high energies that protect us from being confused in the earth’s negated aura? It is all done for us, by our first knowing the truth, and then by our setting up a natural discipline to live by the truth. We of the One World Family operate a nonprofit industrial church that has all the built-in facets which correspond with the perfect genetic coding of the Uni-helix. (TTYOTW P.194)

In our OWFC we have a far-out structure that follows the Uni-helix. In the greater sense, we are the University of the Universe – the returning of those Uni-transient beings who set up the first Pyramid Temple Cities long ago (Rev. 14:1-6, and Rev. 12:1-7). (TTYOTW P.197)  The people who come into communes to hold all material things common and to share their talents together come under world karma, and they have to balance for everyone on the planet. Your group aura that forms around your living quarters and your creative projects can be visualized as a balloon around these places that takes shape in the earth’s aura according to the Uni-helix. It’s like everyone has to keep blowing into the balloon, so to speak, in their sharing of all things, to keep it inflated. They have to keep channeling thru their love services for one another. These are the energies that come from the vine of life itself, where all goods and services flow directly from the producers to the consumers, who are, of course, the same people. And in this way they maintain a high aura. But in order to do this, their living quarters and communal free-enterprise schools of creative experiences that supply their daily needs and pay the bills must be maintained in a high discipline. We must keep a clean and tidy environment. As it is said, cleanliness is next to Godliness. (TTYOTW P.202)

Healing and the Uni-helix

The people with a spare tire cannot control food desires. Their body is actually craving nutritional, body-building food – mainly sweets – to balance out their high starch and protein diet; and as they do not know the truth about food, they intuitively reach for a commercial candy bar to abate their sweet tooth. The sweet natural food their intuitive body radar system is calling for is, of course, a little honey, orange juice, bananas, etc. But in their state of imbalanced body chemistry and biology, a couple of spoons of honey or a glass of fresh orange juice would cause them severe nausea. This, in turn, would send radar signals that they would again interpret as though they were sick. They do not have the normal intelligence to know that if they got off all commercial food and ate only natural food, they could heal themselves; that the cause of nausea is the process of eliminating impurities and restoring body bacteria and chemical balance; and that the intelligence that caused them to eat properly was also healing their etheric body – changing their illusions on their time track back into semantic Uni-knowledge that corresponds with the ‘D 25 Uni-helix Project’ of restoring the perfect RNA-DNA Uni-helix to the earth’s aura.

In this we can understand that once a person knows one facet of the truth – whether it be proper eating, sexing, body-hygienics, planetary ecology, economics, or the answers as to what freedom is, or what security and abundance are – then he can know all the other facets of truth, as all these intelligent facets are relative to all other facets of perfect Uni-living. Know one of them and you can’t help but to discover all the others. When you discover the great Truth-realities about your status quo way of life, you can see clearly that the whole structure that you have built is not perverted to the point where it cannot be quickly changed into that which the Founding Fathers of the US of Israel spoke of as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (‘hippiness’). There’s nothing ‘hip’ about what the straight world has now. It is nearly all in violation of the natural law and if it isn’t all changed right now, then a bloody revolution will pursue the US Israelites and by their own hands shall they be smitten. (TTYOTW P.205)

About Minister Gabriel

Gabriel began to fully awaken to his channel while on healing retreats at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta with the Clarity Breathwork community. It was 60 years after Allen Michael‘s Cosmic Initiation, 40 years after the birth of the One World Family Commune, and 20 years after the Harmonic Convergence. Gabriel was contacted on Mount Shasta by an Angelic ETI being revealed in the form of an angelic cloud. He has since been called thru dreams and revelations, and has answered by establishing his Ministry.
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